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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tomorrows art today.

This painting was found in the basement of No10 Downing Street post peoples revolution.
It currently hangs in the rogues gallery section of the Tate Modern alongside portraits of Mussolini, George W Bush, Pol Pot and other illustrious dictators.

The name of the original artist is unknown.

Also found was a collection of hand carved wooden dildos with each having the glans resembling the head of a coalition cabinet minister of the time.
These are all currently in private collections with Tom Cruise allegedly very near to claiming ownership of the whole set.

Visiting times for the Tate Modern can be found on their website here.
Also worth checking is their 'death of a thousand cuts' exhibition that features an interactive Atos review.
It is worth noting that the interactive section is for those who are over eighteen as the lack of humanity involved is considered damaging to the psychological development of those below that age.

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