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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Jake Bugg - Taste It ep

I have no idea why Jake Bug decided to breath some life into a mix of Skiffle and Mersey Beat, but that he has isn't something that I would feel the need to snort in derision at.
For everyone who wants to make some sort of big deal about it all having been done before I would ask them what they would rather have, Jake's interpretation of the past, or the plethora of chart acts that have swamped the airways with their lowest common denominator ear cancer crap?
It's not a difficult question, and if the rose tinted music snobbery was set aside I'm sure I could hazard a guess at the answer.
So now that this is out of the way I suppose that I should argue that as everything has been done before then what we should be really looking for is a fresh take on the past, or a slightly different mix of styles to give the illusion of originality.
If that is the case then I can quite easily live with this his skillful attempts of bringing a sound that was slowly gathering dust in the past into the glare of the present.
That it doesn't actually sound old, and instead sounds fresh and vibrant does it no harm either.
It doesn't seem to matter if he is looking to provide a burst of rockabilly, or like on Green Man a vocal that resurrects the sound of the jug as used by the 13th Floor Elevators it all sounds cool as fuck, and isn't that what the bottom line should be anyway?
Does it sound good?
Does it make you want to dance?
Does it make you feel something, anything?
If the answer is yes to any of the above then just go and buy this ep, and get his album as well.
In fact if you can get a ticket to see him then do that to
Consider it your own little rebellion.
A two fingered salute at David Guetta, LMFAO and the like.


  1. Decided to start the book off with a fight. I see sweeping shades of brown. Pop music has lost any sense of individuality it would seem. My boy is cuter than baby kitty! A two fingered salute at David Guest is JUST what we are crying out for. A salute from one true poet to another.

  2. Well they've dialled up a Wellergram to proclaim he's good so who are we to argue? Hopefully he'll save guitar music and single handedly kickstart the great Britpop Revival.

  3. I really like him. His album is perhaps a mix of too many styles for the whole, but taken as individual tracks - I think he shows great promise. He's young and has plenty time ahead of him to develop further, but at least he sings about real life and his own experiences.

    He'll do.