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Monday, 5 January 2015

The Cundeez – Sehturday Night Weaver

There was a bit of me that considered attempting to write this review in the Dundonian dialect of Oary, but then common sense jumped forth to slap me down and remind me that doing it would be the same as writing a Bob Marley review in a dodgy Jamaican accent.
The world doesn't need that, and similarly neither does it require a review in Oary unless it comes direct from source.
So instead I will just rave on about how damn good it is.

So bagpipes and punk anyone?

Some may say that never the twain should meet – in fact some people will say that bagpipes and pretty much anything shouldn't meet - but the marmite of musical instruments fits hand in glove with the full on punk rock that the Cundeez deal in.
Just file their releases under the heading ‘fact is sometimes stranger than fiction.’
It really is a case of on paper this shouldn't work.
I mean who sits down with the intent to write a punk album and then considers doing much of it in a localized dialect before then deciding that the one thing missing is bagpipes?
The answer is….Only the Cundeez.
And it is this ripping up the rule book attitude to delivering what is at heart some traditional punk noise that is the element that makes it all work.
It’s aggressive, it’s funny, it’s got some damn accomplished musicianship on display, and in an alternate universe these guys are probably strutting about in kilts like fuckin’ rockstars.
Or they bloody well should be.

Like many I am rather tired of the indistinguishable pap that is being force fed to the public from the major labels and yearn for an alternative to the safe insipid drone that is passed off as currently relevant.
Thankfully there are bands like the Cundeez who can deliver that alternative.

More people should listen to them and challenge their own notions of what is entertaining.

Acts like the Cundeez who blatantly refuse to be anything other than true to themselves warm the cockles on my heart.
The revolution starts here.

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