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Friday, 2 January 2015

Duncan Reid and the Big Heads – The Difficult Second Album

While many of the peers of Duncan Reid are happy to regurgitate past glories and pass them off as relevant in the modern age he appears to have decided that travelling down that path is not going to take him anywhere he wants to end up.
Instead he resurfaced with his Big Heads and clutching a crackin debut in 2012 in his hands that managed to reference his past without being bogged down by it, and simultaneously happily laid out some clues as to what direction he would be comfortable in taking.
It could be said that he released an album that was designed to be a bridge that could carry his fanbase from the past into the present and ease them into a position where they would be comfortable in joining him on a trip into the future.
And with that being successfully done the fruits of the seeds he planted then have now come to bloom on his tongue in cheek titled ‘The Difficult Second Album’.
A release that delivers a smorgasbord of aural delights that will satisfy the palate of every power pop fan that ever drew breath.
In fact scratch that.
Anyone that classes themselves as a music fan and appreciates that pop is not a slur will find something on this that will set their heart a flutter.
There’s some quintessential Englishness that is explored that resides in the sound of bands from The Kinks to XTC, and maybe even takes in a bit of the brit-pop era with some Cocker styled social commentary.
That’s Jarvis and not Joe by the way.
Of course there is s till the sound of The Boys that can be heard on C’est la vie, End of the World and One night in Rio, and fans from that period of his career are certainly not being left behind, but it’s fair to say that the train has left the station and a tipping point has been reached with the lions share of the compositions living and breathing in the here and now rather than celebrating something that has been and gone.
It’s a brave move really, and one that should be celebrated.
The option was there to go with the familiar or cast caution to the wind and create something new.
I’m glad that Duncan with his Big Heads chose the latter.
It bodes very well for the future.


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