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Thursday, 15 January 2015

itsaxxxxthing diary dates - Eureka Machines, Scaramanga Six, The King Lot, Rank Berry.

As promised here's another announcement on the gig front.
Drum roll please...........................ratatatatatatatatatatata.
It's Eureka Machines.
You may know them from their Wildheart and Ginger Wildheart supports, or maybe from their rather excellent headline slots.
Last time was in Audio, and previous to that it was in Pivo Pivo.
Now they are back in Audio and it is my distinct pleasure to be promoting the show again.

Not only that, but this will be the third time of working with Scaramanga Six who will be coming along to offer their support.

Between Eureka Machines and Scaramanga Six you don't get any more bang for your buck on the gig circuit.

Oh, but wait a minute. 

Where are the Scots bands I hear you ask as I hold my hand to my ear panto stylee.

Okay, well talking bang for your buck we also have both The King Lot and Rank Berry on the bill to.

(Due to circumstances outwith my control The King Lot will no longer we performing. Instead both The Scaramanga Six and Rank Berry will extend their sets)

Tickets will be available from Tickets Scotland from next week, but right now, right this very minute you can get them from the New Hellfire Club, and apart from getting them that bit earlier you can also get them at the bargain price of a fiver rather than the face price of seven quid.

Last time the gig was very well attended, and this time as soon as the band announced their tour dates and provided links to get tickets they started to sell before I had even started to promote it myself.

Now I could wax lyrical about the band, but here's what the mainstream press have to say. (not often you will get me agreeing with them, but occasionally they do get it right.)

‘Oh that magical and rare occasion when you hear an album and know you’ll still be playing it a decade later…. a triumph for the band, their fans, the PledgeMusic concept…. and rock music as a whole (5/5) – The Sun

‘grandstanding, impassioned and ambitious, it’s multi-layered, intricate and still hummable’ – Classic Rock magazine
‘razor-sharp riffs…. an effin’ riot of colour’ – Rock Sound magazine

‘power-pop perfection – a dazzling debut (4/5)’ – The Sun

‘power pop stomp…. brilliant vocal harmonies…. ridiculously catchy’ – Classic Rock

‘locating the sweet spot between Green Day and 10CC’ – Spin Magazine

‘an enjoyable album from start to finish (4/5)’ – Big Cheese magazine
‘impossible to listen to without grinning like a loon…. it’s ridiculous that Eureka Machines could be the best band you've never heard (4.5/5)’ – The Sun

‘the suited and booted foursome hark back to the glory days of Britrock…. hard-hitting drummer Wayne Insane could be Dave Grohl in disguise (8/10)’ – Rock Sound

‘Beach Boys harmonies, Joe Strummer’s guitar…. what’s not to like? It’s a rare gift Eureka Machines have; celebrate it’ – Classic Rock

‘Imagine if the Beatles and the Beach Boys met Motorhead, jammed with the Cardiacs and created the best band you’ve never heard. Until now.’ – Sandman Magazine
‘a glorious cacophony of power pop noise that distills the best bits of Jellyfish with a dash of early Manics and even tosses in a smidge of Beach Boys chorus catchiness’ – Classic Rock

‘will have you clapping along on first listen, singing along on second listen and leaping around your room on third listen (4/5)’ – Leeds Guide

‘a collision of riotous rock, punk energy and orchestrated heavy metal guitars welded to solid vocals, Do Or Die explodes with a regiment full of harmonies and the pummelling power of bass and guitars that feed off the supernova sounds of both QOTSA and MUSE…. purely and simply, class’ –
‘it is an album that staples Chris’s name in the histories as a genuinely super superstar of British music and one that gets better with every single listen…. wonderful stuff (8/10)’ – Subba-Cultcha

‘an album which you can just scream at the top of your voice in your car or even in the shower…. a really immense guitar rip roaring work of art’ – Mark Moore,

So what else could I add?
Links I suppose.

Here's the pledge campaign. Buy the new album, get the updates, download the free ep and live album. Click me.

You want a ticket? Then click me.

And here is the event page right here.

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