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Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Bucky Rage – Under the Underground.

Garage punk is, and always probably will be, in rude health in the strangest places across the globe.
Self-sustaining scenes of ramalama mayhem exist everywhere under the radar of the mainstream.
In the basement clubs and the backrooms of bars from Austen to Auchtermuchty the sounds of unfiltered and untamed rock and roll can be heard, and one of the most excellent of those who keep the flame alive are Scottish reprobates ‘The Bucky Rage’.
With their Luchador masks and stocking clad faces they are a band who lean towards eschewing normality and instead prefer to dive headlong into an underground scene that unless experienced will never really be understood.
Perennial outsiders they may well be, but proudly claiming that it is better to be the kings of your own fantasy kingdom than hang on to the bottom rung of a passionless music scene could be their motto.
On their latest release, the full length twelve track, ‘Under the Underground’ they hammer the point home gleefully that hitching their star to a populist bandwagon is certainly not under consideration, and instead look to dazzle with tracks that will warm the cockles of the hearts of garage aficionados near and far.
There’s no point in trying to pin down a specific era theme across the breadth of this release as there is none.
From the fifties through the sixties and seventies they are touching bass with the sounds that illustrate why rock and roll played with wild abandon will never go out of fashion.
Shading the material with everything from The Sonics to The Cramps and then smothering it with the attitude that lurks at the bottom of a bottle of tonic wine just makes it all sound so….so….sooo…..well so fuckin’ magical just about covers it.
Leftfield surprise of the album is the inclusion of what is their version of a sea shanty called O’ Ragin’ Sea, a song that with repeated spins beds itself in a classic, a shining jewel thrown before swines.
Square kids won't get it.
Don't be square.


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