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Friday, 13 December 2013

The itsaxxxxthing gig guide for 2014 so far.

Well after having a little break I guess it is time to get back in the saddle.

Look here. Just to the left. Click on it if you can't read it. It will get bigger.
Yep. It's Duncan Reid who used to swing his bass about for The Boys and very recently released and utterly jaw dropping - in my opinion - power pop punk classic of an album called 'Little Big Head..
You can get it here.
I'm super chuffed to say that he's coming to Glasgow with his Big heads to do a matinee show for us.
Ooooh. A matinee show you say?
Well yes. So it's not going to clash with anything, and so that I can't be accused of misogyny I will add that if any lovely ladies out there want to let their husbands have a solo trip around the stores looking for bargains in the January sales and fancy a pint and a jump about to Duncan while their other half oohs and aaahs over the reduced price sweater in C&As, then you are all more than welcome to pop along.
The guys can come to, but if it's wall to wall with the ladies I doubt Duncan will complain.
In support are a rather excellent bill in my honest opinion.
Media Whores, Party Asylum and Monsterpop.
I think that's what you call bang for your buck.
Facebook invite page.

Then after that you can start saving your pennies up for the Eureka Machines.
Last time they were here in Glasgow the gig sold out and quite rightly so.
With a tour opening for The Wildhearts they won a legion of new fans, and then cemented their reputation with thier own headlining dates in clubs the length and breadth of the UK.

If you missed that then I could say tough titty, but instead I will offer you the hand of friendship and say here's your chance to get a second bite at the boys.

Backing them up are Debrasco, Rank Berry and once again - as you can't get too much of a good thing - Party Asylum.
I would suggest that those interested in attending watch for the tickets becoming available next week and grab them sooner rather than later.
You have been warned.
Facebook invite page

And then we come to the last of the current bookings.
It's the trashtastic DeRellas
Now if you don't know who this band are then I feel a tad sorry about that.
Not sorry as in thinking you are some sort of pathetic loser.
Oh no. Not that sort of poor you sorry.
More just the way you would feel sorry for a blind man who has never seen a sun rise.
More a pity sorry.
So don't leave me feeling like that about you.
Come to the gig. You will love it.

Of course as I've booked them for a show I am going to sing their praises, but I can honestly hand on heart state for the record that if it was someone else putting them on then I wouldn't hesitate to reach deep into my pocket and gladly hand over the cash to ensure that I wasn't going to miss out on seeing them.

While having a little google early today I noticed that the guys opened for Hanoi Rocks on the bands farewell tour and I have to say that I did get a tingle in the nether regions just at the thought of that combination.

So there you have it. Three gigs all peculating away.
Tickets for Duncan Reid and Eureka Machines will be on sale from next week from Tickets Scotland, the support bands and of course moi.
That's a fancy word for me by the way.

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