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Monday, 9 December 2013

Debrasco - The Joys of Chaos

As a genre the world of rock is pretty bulletproof.
No matter how dismissive mainstream music journalists are about it, or how unimpressed the chart following teens are, the rock acts just keep ploughing ever onwards.
I am sure somewhere someone has written a thesis about it, but for me I think its popularity is rooted in a no frills attitude and how the actual bands main focus is to make music rather than grasp for fame.
That could of course be bullshit, but do you know what isn't bullshit?
Debrasco's album 'The Joys of Chaos'.
That's right.
It sounds like the band are looking to take the eloquent power of Pearl Jam, and the gonzo approach to power pop that bands like The Wildhearts had in spades, and corral them together while sprinkling some punk fairy dust over it all.
It's a tall order, and there are times that they fall short of getting to grips with it, but over the course of the album there are far more hits than misses, and as they are aiming rather high that's not too shabby at all.
At a hefty sixteen tracks they are obviously looking to provide value for money, but maybe a better approach would have been to trim a few songs off it and then issue a ten track album of killer tunes and then use issue two four track eps' leading off with an album track and backed with three songs and in that way it could have been spaced out a bit, but then again that's just an opinion and as they say opinions are like arseholes as we all have them.
So don't let that minor brain fart of a thought detract you away from the band as it's pretty much irrelevant to the sheer magnitude of what is on offer.
What these guys need is a name producer and a few weeks in a top class studio, and I suspect that they are well aware of that, but as it stands this is the sort of album that should if there is any justice draw enough attention to them for that to happen.
It's the advert writ large in neon screaming 'look at me' and if you do then I doubt many would find much to be disappointed about.
In fact I'm struggling to think of the last band I heard that had as much of a crossover appeal as these guys.
From melodic pop punk rock to grunge-tastic anthems they have their finger in every pie and manage to keep it all on track without sounding like an ill stitched patchwork quilt of influences.
Hey. Is that The Dead Boys I hear muscling in on the Yo-Yo's?

Like I said, not too shabby at all.

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