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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Computers - Classic Grand Glasgow (04/12/13)

There's not a month goes past that I don't take issue with someone who claims that there is no good music out there any more.
Of course there is.
In fact there's so much of it I can't keep up.
What people really mean to say is 'I expect there is no good music out there any more as I stopped listening a decade ago, and therefore can't express a valid opinion on the matter, but I'm going to anyway as talking about things we know fuck all about is the modern day affliction that I am most comfortable with'.
Sadly those who proclaim that utter balderdash (I'm going to use balderdash more to try and wean myself off from saying utter shite in a thick Scots dialects) are the same ones who will refuse to take a recommendation from you as they feel it's always better to live in ignorance than accept being wrong.
So my thrusting The Computers in their face – in an obviously none sexual way – isn't going to change their world, but in the words of the big man in the vest 'frankly my dear, I don't give a damn' as last night I seen my latest and bestest favourite new band.
All hail The Computers.
These are the guys who show up all those people who sit at bars saying that the supports are never any good ,and never worth levering their fat backsides off a barstool for, as barefaced liars whose opinions are worth as much as Lib Dem election promise (Yep. I'm not forgetting that one).

Opening for the equally fabulous Rocket From The Crypt they got it going on early.
With a firm understanding of why rock and roll always need a little bit of soul attached they plundered the back history of music with a great deal of swaggering panache.
If there is any band right now who could give the Jim Jones Revue a run for their money then it is these guys, and as a fan of Jimmy boy that's not an opinion lightly aired.
There's no holding back from them, and while some people have the chops to deliver a solid show musicianship wise, but fall short in providing a bit of showmanship, you couldn't accuse this band of slacking on either.
From the stage to stomping across the bar to climbing up to meet and greet those at the back of the venue it would be hard to consider that anyone who was there was not impressed.
Studied indifference for the audience isn't their bag.
It's instead one big fucked up take on a fifties hop, but only where the punch bow has been laced with enough amphetamines to cure a narcoleptic.
When James Brown* said that he wasn't comfortable with being named the hardest working man in rock n roll and to find someone else to carry the torch for him I doubt he considered that it would be a bunch of delinquents from Exeter, but there you have it.
The torch is in safe hands.

This is exactly the sort of band who deserve their very own review rather than being tagged onto that of the headlining act.

The Computers....I bow to your magnificence.

*James Brown didn't say that and I made it up.

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