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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Revelations Tour - The Mission/Fields of the Nephilim - 02 Academy Glasgow (14/12/13)

When anyone mentions the golden age of Goth then there are a few names that immediately spring to mind.
The Sisters of Mercy are the main one who to this day remain as the golden jewel in the dark crown of the movement, but The Mission - who spawned from the Sisters of Mercy and were originally called The Sisterhood - and Fields of the Nephilim, are both bands who could also be considered big hitters in their field, and equally acts who came to personify the dark character of the sub culture that they lorded over.

By the tail end of the eighties both bands had their teeth in the jugular of a rabid, and ever growing, fan base who seen their heroes as apocalyptic warriors riding in to add some romanticism to their - in the main - teenage angst.

In hindsight it could very well have been a moment in time that would have been left behind, but it's a testament to the bands themselves, and their unwavering dedication to creating music, that here in 2013 they are still relevant, and still entertaining audiences globally.

While others of their ilk are to be found gathering dust in second hand record stores and the 'where are they now' columns of the music press, both The Mission and Fields of the Nephilim are the Dorian Grey's of the scene who are forever present in the here and now regardless of how their back catalogues may look like in the attic.  
So it's no real surprise that they have finally drawn together to play a UK tour in venues that some of thier peers could only ever dream of appearing in.
It's an outing that will I suspect provide their fan base with a wet nightmare as they anticipate the forthcoming dates, and with Revelations coming to Glasgow on the 14th of December it's not long to wait for their dark desires to be met.


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