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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Class of 77 Tour - O2 ABC Glasgow - 08/12/13

As sure as night follows day the reaction to what can be called nostalgia tours often draws a negative response.
The voices of the naysayers are raised in outrage at the audacity of their yesteryear heroes still wanting to go out on the road and perform.
Imagine that. Oh the horror.
There's only one problem with that attitude though.
It's got nothing to do with the music.
Absolutely nothing at all.
Instead it's more about preconceived ideas.
The opinion that they guys in the band can't cut it anymore wrestles with the ludicrous attitude that it is nothing more than a cash in.
Like I said, nothing to do with the music.
Strangely enough the people who usually shout loudest are the ones who are happy to go and see a tribute band covering the songs of their heroes rather than the band themselves, or one that features members of it.
I will never understand that, but hey ho, and as 'Da Brudders' would say let's go as this Sunday the open minded are in for a real treat as Glasgow ABC hosts three acts that feature plenty of individuals who provided the soundtrack to what some would call the greatest ever example of a rebellious youth movement that the world ever seen..
One whose global impact can still be felt today. 

Earning his stripes with The Jam, and then Stiff Little Fingers, Bruce Foxton leads the charge with his band From the Jam who not only breathe life into the classics that he performed on, but also deliver some original compositions of their own which highlights that no one is ever really just standing still.

The Blockheads are of course minus their legendary front man, and many years ago I had my reservations about how the dynamic would work until I seen the band perform at The Wickerman Festival.
It was then that I had my mind opened up as to what is possible.
Before the end of the opening song I was converted to the cause, as apart from the sublime level of musicianship on display, the band were very obviously honouring the life of their fallen comrade.
This band do that every single night that they perform to.
Every show will no doubt start with a good percentage of the audience looking to be won over, and ends with fans returning to the fold.

Similarly to The Blockheads, Eddie and the Hot Rods were without the shadow of a doubt one of the bands who kicked the doors in and helped lay the foundations for punk rock.
Starting as a pub rock act they pushed that term to destruction with their adrenaline driven live performances, and to this day they haven't taken their foot off the peddle.............not once.
If you want passion delivered at one hundred miles another then this is the band for you.
Get some spotty teenager fresh from the garage looking to take on the world and put them next to Eddie and pull the trigger on the starting pistol and watch him leave them in the dust.

Less than a week to go. So grab your tickets quick.


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