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Monday, 11 November 2013

Last one to leave the room. Turn out the lights.

So the European MTV awards is over for another year and they have announced that in 2014 us Scots will host it in our brand spanking new super-dome The Hydro - or as we call it the big fuckin' spaceship from Close Encounters of the Turd Kind.

It's sparked a fair amount of comment from music fans of a certain age.
The main one being does the M in MTV still stand for music?

It's a fair response as the awards ceremony that has just come and gone appeared to reach for the dizzy heights of mediocrity, and then failed miserably to even achieve that.

Of course it would be easy to defend it by claiming it's aimed at a certain demographic that us aged music fans are locked out of, but that doesn't really answer the questions on the lips of many, with that being “has the quality control went AWOL?”
The whole event was more like an extended advert for ASDAs top ten rather than a celebration of music.

Where was the rock and roll?
Sitting on the naughty step maybe.
Okay ickle Miley smoked a joint and pre show posted a selfie from her shower, but oh how tiresome all this neatly packaged rebellion is becoming.
We get it.
She's all growed up now and wants to maintain a career so here's her tits, a phallic hammer and a tongue.
No matter how many flaming torches are lit by the media I doubt many villagers are really going to storm the walls of RCA Records in horror at her carefully choreographed trip from Disney to the Strip Club.

So okay who else were the winners on it?
Katy Perry, 30 Seconds to Mars, One Direction, Macklemore (Quite like him actually), Bieber and Eminem got a a nod as the old guy in the room,and...........okay, wake up at the back there.
I know.
It's bleeding awful isn't it?

Then there were the adverts between the awards being given out.
Or as they want us to call them 'the performances'.

Robin Thike played that song, King of Leon managed to jump the shark in fine style, although the Killers gave them a solid run for the title of 'band who were eaten by the machine', but seriously Snoop. I mean really.
Were you fuckin' high when you agreed to do this.
Ooops. Sorry. Silly question eh?

So what can we expect for next year?
Well with the way popular music is being pushed in the mainstream it could be a celebration of the top selling greatest hits albums of the year, or maybe they could just call it Rhiannastock and have Chris Martin host it.

There is one guarantee though.
It's not for the likes of you or me, and in a small quiet corner of my heart a wee man is smiling about that.

PS. Here's a reminder of what is missing.

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  1. right on the money man, MTV stopped being relevant a long time ago, it's no longer about the music, it's about the mass-marketed hype the music industry pushes out to the people on the couches, glued to the TV and whatever celebrity is flavour of the week, every single hour of the day.