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Sunday, 17 November 2013

A quick chat with Henry Cluney of XSLF

"Hi Henry. Lets get right into this and clear the decks with some no holds barred questions.

1-There's been some mixed responses to the formation of XSLF, with long time Stiff Little Fingers fans drawing battle lines over what is really a storm in a teacup. One one side we have those who are claiming you guys are little more than a tribute band, and on the other there are those who seem to grasp that the material you play is equally a part of your own legacy and don't see what the problem is. You have explained your position already on social media, but on you go, rattle it out again.

We are not Stiff Little Fingers, and make no claim to be. We never have.
Jakes band are not SLF either in my opinion...but it is an opinion lol.

2-Does it partially confuse you that in some quarters people don't seem to get that?
I suppose it didn't help when Jake posted some less than flattering comments with the 'real slf' line being dusted off. I know from a previous conversation we had that you don't have any sort of personal issue with him, so was it a bit disappointing that he appears to miss the point you were making about there only being one 'real' Stiff Little Fingers, and that being the line up of the debut album?

It does but to each their own I suppose. Jakes opinion is as valid as mine. The real lineup is Jake,Ali,me,Jim or Brian. That's the way I see it.
Jake unfriended me after out of the pram lol.
3-I noted that many of the derogatory claims about the worth of XSLF usually started off with 'I haven't seen them but.....' . Does that sort of line immediately flag their criticism as worthless?

It does. Of course it does. Though to be fair I don't see how anyone can criticize a band they have neither seen nor heard and I suspect most people can see that as a rational take on it..

4-The response to the concept has been pretty much the opposite to that of the response to the live shows. One less than supportive, and the other, from those who have actually seen you, predominately positive. Is the reaction from the fans at the shows something that you use to balance out the more negative responses, as regardless of what anyone says criticism does chip away at a persons confidence, even if it is unfounded, unrealistic and unwarranted?

To be honest people can say what they like.
Its personal preference and I have no problem with that.
I don't let it bother me.
If I did I wouldn't be doing it.
The people who come to the shows are there to be entertained and no one has had any complaints on that score.
That will do me.

5-Health wise how are you feeling. I often think that while people are aware that you were unwell they don't really grasp just how near death you were?

Thanks to the man upstairs I am doing great. Wasn't a fun time though. Lol

6-For many people a very serious brush with death is a wake up call. An experience that acts as a catalyst and allows the person to evaluate how they are living their life and then make changes to it. Is that the experience you had, and if so then what did you learn from it and what have you changed?

I'm not sure that I have changed anything. Not a lot gets my goat anyway but at least I'm still me...good or bad. I just appreciate being here.

7-There was some talk of xslf doing some original material. Is this still on the cards?

Yes. We are in the process of putting some stuff together as we speak.
So keep your ears open!!
Still at the early stage though.
8-I see you have UK dates in 2014 already booked. Does this mean that a return to the US is on hold just now?

Yes. I love to play, and the more shows the better. This is where the shows are so this is where I am.

9-In the perfect world what would be the next step?

Just to keep making music and entertaining the crowds we's all a blessing to be doing this so in a perfect world I wouldn't be looking to rock the boat.

XSLF will be playing The Loft (Stewarton, Ayrshire) on Dec 14th.
Tickets can be purchased from The Loft or from RGM in Kilmarnock.
If anyone requires further information then please do leave a comment.

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