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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Dixie Fried - A Ways to go

For some reason that no one really understands it's a bare bones fact that Scotland has a deeply rooted love of American roots music.
From Bluegrass to the Blues there doesn't seem to have been a year that passes since the sixties where musicians haven't gravitated to the sounds that our transatlantic cousins have been making with the intentions of emulating what they hear.
I would personally say that much of the music mirrors our own working class environments, and this is why we have such a warm affinity for it, but I digress and while that could be a debate for another day, because right now, right this very second, I have Dixie Fried on with their 'A Ways To Go' CD grinding out the sound of the Delta, and it's pretty sublime.
There's no attempt to make this release a polished affair, but instead it would appear that the intent is to look to create a more organic testament to the long standing sound of the Blues.
If that is the case then the duo have certainly managed to do it, and do it without sounding like mere copyists.
From the beginning to the end there's a push to maintain some sort of honest authenticity to the over all sound.
Not that this means that they are trying too hard to make it all a facsimile of music fashioned decades ago, but instead that they comfortably securing the heart and soul of whatever the blues is within the songs in the present.
A harder task to do than say.
The most honest critique to make is that it's all about how it feels, and let's be honest about this, it's concentrating on how the music feels rather than how it sounds that allows musicians to put some magic into the grooves.
Very often people complain about the dearth of good music that is out there in the world, but they are wrong, and it is this sort of release that I often direct them towards to counteract their misjudged views.

In the parlance I can say it's dang good.

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