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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Buckcherry/Hardcore Superstar/Venrez - Glasgow ABC (26/11/13)

Over in the US Venrez have done the slow burn of gig after gig that ultimately allowed them to increase their stock in the eyes of the rock world and secure opening slots for Alice Cooper, Slash and Fuel.
Now here they are back in Europe looking to raise their global profile as part of the Buckcherry/Hardcore Superstar double header.

It's however a tough call on a Tuesday night in Glasgow with Nickelback and Kid Congo in town looking to draw elements of the rock crowd to their shows - and the early start probably caught a few people on the hop - but they band are now very obviously seasoned pros and took it in their stride as they delivered a fine set of material plundered from both their albums.
While Buckcherry and Hardcore Superstar lean towards being party bands - and you can understand the fit there - with Venrez we get something a good bit more cerebral without the band having to limit the power of the music.
There's a firm thread of rock and roll history that ties everything they do together.
With the grunge movement we seen punk acts looking to embrace the rock world and now here we have Venrez taking that grunge vibe back full circle and applying it to the classic rock sound.
Individually the band all pull their weight and the one word that springs to mind about them is solid.
The band are solid in what they do.
Very often in the music business it's all about being in the right place at the right time, and if Venrez manage to get onto the soundtrack of a hit film, or find one of their songs being used in a global ad campaign, then the next time they hit the UK it could be as a headliner in their own right.

Hardcore Superstar have never done it for me.
On paper they sound just like a band that I would gravitate towards, but on the rare occasions when I have checked them out they left me cold.
Prior to the show Steven Berez of Venrez told me that he had similar reservations, but from the first night they played together he was instantly converted as there's a great deal of passion and hunger in their performance, and he was right.
When people describe a band as one who take no prisoners then Hardcore Superstar are the sort of act they are referring to.
Every trick is pulled out of the bag and they go at it relentlessly hard.
It's true that it's all been done before, but put them on a stage and that criticism is left in the rear view mirror as they press down hard on the peddle and hit the road leaving nothing but the smell of burning rubber in their wake.
There's no pretence that they are anything other than what they are and that's quite refreshing.
I might even buy an album now.

Buckcherry are as mentioned a party band.
Grab a keg of beer and a Buckcherry CD and all you need to add to the mix is people to get the party started.
It's not rocket science and there's nothing that intelligent about it all, but it is fun.
It would be easy to pick at the sexist overtones of pretty much everything they do, but it's a show, and like a bad taste joke we can choose to participate knowing that it's not real life.
Once that attitude is snatched at then it's easy to let yourself get swept away with it all
Highlight of the night from them was the rendition of Crazy Bitch that started off with The Rolling Stones 'Miss You' that morphed into there own song, albeit a very different and extended version that took the song in a whole new direction, and for me fleshed it out to spectacular effect.

I only really went to see Venrez, but enjoyable sets from Buckcherry and Hardcore Superstars were a bonus that I didn't really expect.

Tonight it's NWOBHM stars of yesteryear Raven and Girlschool.

It's going to be interesting to see if there are still enough leather and denim hordes to welcome them to Glasgow.

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