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Tuesday 5 November 2013

Cadaver Club - A Fate Worse Than Life

Horror punk isn't just for Halloween.
It's the gift that keeps giving all year round.
Or it can be if The Cadaver Club are allowed to have any say in the matter.
With 'A fate worse than life' they have taken the ghoulish fun of all things dark and mysterious and given it a rather attractive polish that will be sure to slap a grin on the the chops of the most Edgar Allan Po(e)-faced goth.
More Munsters than Texas Chainsaw Massacre they may be, but I've never been averse to a blast of the Monster Mash so I'm happy to dance on the grave of your nearest and dearest to this one.

Over the last few years it may be fair to say that the (mainly) US bands who look to the crypt keeper for their musical kicks have lost the ability to see the humour in what they are doing, and with that much of their appeal in my opinion.
So this is the perfect antidote to that.

The bands ability to stitch elements of rock and roll and pop punk together before firing the spark of life into them would without a doubt give Mary Shelley a momentary spring in her step, and if anyone can raise a somewhat dead genre from the grave then I am putting my money of these guys to do just that.
It sounds as if with a rictus grin in place they are looking to tweak the noses of the Misfits fans while screaming 'why so grave' at them before manically rushing off into the night, and that is exactly as it should be.

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