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Friday, 31 May 2013

The Mystery Girls – Radioactive

We should be eternally grateful to The Stooges for one simple reason.
That reason being that they were the catalyst that has brought us so many ramshackle punk bands stumbling out of the garage with slack jawed attitude and a handful of fuzzy chords to slap us with.
The Mystery Girls are yet another one to add to the ever growing list of those who have no fear of existing in the shadows bereft of the success that may have been available to them if they had chosen a more fashionable way to exercise their artistic talents.
No one sits at home and gravitates towards playing garage punk about being into rubber love if they give a toss about a full time career in music, and that's not a bad attitude to have.
It strips bare all the bullshit, and while the music is dirty it's also got a purity to it as it is played for all the right reasons.
Take songs like 'I'm so tired of you' and 'Signs
It's the Ramones, and some may well ask 'but why write a song in the style of the Ramones/'
The Mystery Girls would probably turn that on its head and ask why not write a song in the style of The Ramones, and there's some sense to that.
If they want to do it then who has a good enough reason to dissuade them?
There's a reason why music like this never dies.
Why it always exists on the margins.

You can't quantify it, but you can feel it has some fucked up worth.

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