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Friday, 31 May 2013

The Civil Wars – Live at Eddie's Attic.

There's no reason to include this review as this is actually the debut from The Civil Wars and it's nearly four years old, but I've been listening to it a great deal over the last few days and....well I just want to share it with you all.
It's a free download.
So you can jump in and take it as a gift from the band to you, and for my part I will say that it's as good as anything that I have ever shelled cash out for.

Anyway, deep breath.
I've always thought that John Paul White had a voice that sounded like Jeff Buckley.
If Jeff had come from Nashville of course.
There's a warmth to it, and a strength that can take it wherever he wants.
That's not to detract from his singing partner Joy Williams and her contribution to the music in anyway though.
There a yin and yang element to what the Civil Wars do.
Two separate approaches that have a distinct sound that can then be joined together to allow their voices to neatly spoon.
It's when you slip on headphones that the real magic begins to reveal itself.
An enveloping warmth fills your head.
No great heat, but a warm glow that permeates deep and eases stress away.
It gently pushes its way forward and creates a moment in time that holds sway and disallows the sharpness of life to tear at you.
It's an aural respite from the world outside the door that's similar to a long and uninterrupted soak in the tub to candlelight (Yeah. Even us guys like that. Don't let anyone tell you different.)
By the time the set reaches the Cohen cover tension has left the building.
If you aren't aware of The Civil Wars then you really should do yourself a favour.

I sincerely doubt that you would regret taking the time to hit a download button.

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