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Friday, 31 May 2013

The Correspondents – What's happened to Soho?

Benny Goodman is on the decks and getting the Studio 54 crowd to shake their booty to some electro swing.
The ghost of Quentin Crisp is whipping up the Warhol crowd and everyone is welcome to get their groove on with them.
It's as if The Correspondents are providing the soundtrack to a movie that's set in an alternative universe.
It's Blade Runner and The Great Gatsby mashed up and reflected in the shards of a broken glitter ball.
If Digable Planet was the US rap reaction to jazz then this is the UKs reaction to swing that brings urban drum and bass and Downtown Abbey together with gritty style.

I'm still playing catch up with these guys as this isn't their latest release, but I'm enjoying every spat delivered kick along the way.

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