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Friday, 31 May 2013

Hypno Doll House - Cosmic Toy Shop.

I just finished reading a book about psychopathy.
That may not be apparently relevant, but within the book it covered how society changes and labels are increasingly required to be applied to peoples behaviour.
There is a need to categorize everything into neat little boxes and anything that doesn't fit is viewed in a negative light.
The idea that we should conform to a base level, or be marginalized, is sort of what I am getting at, but if we were all to conform to that lowest common denominator of so called normality then maybe we should be asking ourselves what we would lose.
One thing that we would lose is Hypno Doll House.
Using a rhythmic approach to looping what sounds like random noises, that may or may not have been created by toy instruments in your front room, and chanting/singing over it wouldn't fit into a society supported template of how grown adults should behave.
It is bloody great though, and it's people like this who add the colour to the monochrome existence that some would have us hurtle towards.
Take this sort of eccentricity out of the world and what we are left with doesn't bear thinking about.
It would be an act that would be akin to levelling the mountains and filling in the sea so that our physical landscape was just a dull grey flat expanse of nothing for as far as the eye could see.
I'm going to refrain from describing them in genre terms.
That would be futile.
Just a combination of words thrown together that weren't really anchored solidly in the ground.
There's a tribal aspect to what they are doing, a hypnotic element to them to, but that's as far as I would care to go in trying to entice people towards being open enough to listen.

Hypno Doll House are the beginning of a journey you would have to decide to take on your own accord.

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