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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Quinny - Read all the rumours

Every single week I could lose count of the amount of new music that I am introduced to.
It's a mammoth task to lend your ears to it all.
The range of music covers the truly horrendous to the truly magnificent with the vast majority of it all hovering somewhere between the two points.
(All of course just my opinion for the positioning.)
If I was to provide a visual aid it would be an isosceles right triangle.
At the apex on the left towering high above everything else would be the commonly less than impressive material, and as you taper down then at the very edge of the sharp point on the right you will find the rare gold dust.
It's on the tip of the sharp edge on the right that Quinny's forthcoming 'read all the rumours' sits comfortably.
The indie pop tag will be grafted onto it, and who am I to argue with that, but each song reveals itself to be more than capable of stretching genre definitions.
There's a loose grouping of music that can simply be described as having a classic sound and pretty much any genre can sit comfortably under the classic umbrella and this is where we have Quinny.
Effortlessly easing from the intimate to the grandiose, from the soft to the hard, he slips in and out playing tag with the listener and delivers a cohesive sound that just wraps you in its embrace and will not let go.
I would be genuinely shocked if this was to slip below the radar.
Good things must be waiting around the corner for him.
The talent that is displayed across the breadth of these songs does not deserve to go unnoticed.
I don't do anything as crass as song, album, ep of the week, but if I did........well you know where I'm going with that.
There's a launch show on the 30th of May in The Old Hairdressers in Glasgow.
Entry is £4 or £5 with the ep,.

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