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Monday, 27 December 2010

Vice Squad - Free Download

Punk rock survivors Vice Squad have managed to give Santa's sack a squeeze and persuaded him to spread a little Vice Squad goodwill by way of providing a free mp3 of "Santa Claws is coming to town" for a bunch of lucky fans.
The deal is that you sign up to their newsletter and in exchange for going out of your way for a meagre minute and pledging allegiance to the cause of the VS they will send you a link for the song.
As a fan of the band I jumped at the chance and I'm here to tell you that while most festive tunes leave a lot to be desired this one is going to be a perennial favourite.
There's only 200 of these free bad boys available so get to to get yours before it ends up costing you a bank breaking quid you tight bastards.
The season of goodwill doesn't end there though.
Signing up to the newsletter also gives you the chance to get into gigs for free, money off merch from the store and the offer of more free mp3s in the new year.
If anyone can find me one other band who treats their fans like this then I want to hear about them.
Vice Squad do not have a major label backing them who are subsidising these offers.
This is the real deal.
A band who stand shoulder to shoulder with their fans and walk the walk when required.
For myself I'm going to make another public pledge of support and say that in exchange for these freebies I am going to get myself down to their online store and make some purchases as soon as the man pays me what I'm owed for breaking my back for the fucker.
You should to.
Don't make this the start of a relationship built on taking, but a long and rewarding one built on mutual love and appreciation.


  1. Fantastic band even without the original members. I bought both of their Christmas tunes via iTunes a week ago and I agree Mainy, they are both pretty rocking. One band from teh 80's that I still get excited when they have new isn't Beki still looking fantatsic for being in her mid 40's?????

  2. Couldn't agree more Kenny. The only time I was less than enthused about a Vice Squad release was when they flirted a bit with a more metal rock sound, but even that wasn't all bad.
    They have been a consistently good band over the years. Well deserving of the punk fans patronage, although I reckon they could do with a bit more support.
    They work damn hard for their fans and it would be nice if the effort was reciprocated.

  3. Thank you all - it means the world to be appreciated - VICE SQUAD x

  4. hello amigo, long time no talk at all. hope all is well.

  5. Hey Scott. Good to hear from you. been a year of ups and downs, but I'm still here alive and kicking. How are you?

  6. im good brother, real good. feeling fine and i have gotten busy living and stopped dying. we moved about 10 hours from l.a. , and well im starting a new life the clean and sober kind.

    miss you my friend, i have ltd access to the net right now, so ill pop into to see if you replyed Mainy.

    hang in there brother, keep the faith and kick out the mother fucking jams!!!!!!

  7. Very cool that you are getting to grips with the demons. I'm happy for you.
    Each day is another page and you've got to keep adding to the story of your life.
    One day you will look back and see that going there and coming back from the edge has made you a stronger person.

  8. i agree with your words of wisdom my friend, im here for the long haul. and im happy to be reading you again and your awesome reviews. im going to get back to writing some myself and short stories for the blog.