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Friday, 17 December 2010

Ginger Wildheart - Free Download

Ginger Wildheart has been called many things over the years.
Most of them post watershed terms of affection that sailors on shore leave would be familiar with.
Another thing he has been called is prolific.
The proof is there in his back catalogue. Apart from his material with The Wildhearts and his solo releases he has played a key roll in Super$hit 666, Clam Abuse, Silver Ginger 5, Brides of Destruction and let's not not forget Ginger and the Sonic Circus.
His itchy feet has also seen him playing with everyone from The Throbs to The Scorchers and now dueling guitars with Steve Conte in the glam punk super group that is The Michael Monroe Band.
Generous is now another descriptive term that we can add to.
Generous because when he was asked to select fourteen tracks for a retrospective release of solo material he came up with twenty four and decided that ten of them could be made available for free as a companion piece to “10”.
Imaginately titled “10 (Two)” it is available to download here

The tracks are :
Can’t Drink You Pretty
10 Flaws Down
Drunken Lord Of Everything
The Monkey Zoo
This Bed Is On Fire
Inside Out
Why Can’t You Just Be Normal All The Time
(Whatever Happened To) Rock ‘n’ Roll Girls

Now as it is as rare as hens teeth to get something for nothing I think it is only right that at the very least those grabbing “10 (two)” could maybe shell out the cash and buy “10”, or if not, then turn up at one of his dates on the current UK tour and say thank you personally by raising the roof.

18th - Corporation, Sheffield
19th - Moho Live, Manchester
20th - Garage, Glasgow
21st - Newcastle, Legends
22nd - Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
23rd - Southampton, Talking Heads
There's a London date, but you are shit outta luck if you want to go to that as it's sold out.

There is also a review of "10" in the rather excellent soundcheck Magazine.
Well worth a perusal.

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