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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Funny week

Similar to everyone else with kids the run up to x-mas has been a financial nightmare. Work has been an intellectual black hole as usual and the weather - while not as extreme as some would claim - has been a bit of a hassle.
Yet this week has jumped up and applied for the post of most bizarre of the year.
To say it's been a bit of a roller-coaster would be an understatement.
Monday morning I was up and battling the elements to get to Glasgow and score a wristband for my daughter to attend a meet and greet with her fave band JLS.
Mental as.
I stood in arctic condition from 7.30 am with loads of kids and cougars and actually managed to get one for her though.
So whose the Daddy?
Tuesday was taken up with meeting the four lads who shook the world circa 2010.
To be honest they were very nice and meeting them blew my daughter away.
Little things like this I find to be emotionally hard going.
It's been a terrible year with the kids losing their mother and other hassles that pale into insignificance next to that, but none the less can't be ignored and need dealt with.
So something like this that transported my daughter from the hurt for a single afternoon is something that I treasure, and although the guys in JLS don't know it I will always owe them one for taking the time out to chat to her and autograph a book and her hoodie.
All in all apart from that it has been a pretty much forgettable week though.
Work, sleep, work, pay bills, work, sleep, work, but then there was a glimmer of hope on Thursday night that the week could be snatched from the jaws of boredom when my brother called to ask if I wanted a couple of free Paul Weller tickets.
His mate in Inverness was holding out for the weather to clear a bit, but finally bit the bullet and accepted that a trip to Glasgow was out of the question due to the road conditions.
Obviously I accepted the offer, but to get them I would have to rely on him posting them registered mail on the Friday morning and that they would arrive on the Saturday to allow us to go to the gig.
If you knew my brother then you would collectively refuse to hold your breath and simultaneously cross your fingers as reliability is a foreign nation that he has rarely visited.
The other problem was that Royal Mail had withdrawn their next day guaranteed delivery service due to the weather conditions.
Now normally, and as others would attest, I've got shit luck.
In fact shit luck is the only luck I have.
So if I was to say to anyone that I was waiting on tickets being sent one day to arrive the next for a concert that night then the normal response would be that they would drop and roll on the floor laughing.
The chances of a favourable outcome would be considered slim to fuck all of it happening.
..................but they just arrived.
So condition permitting, Kel and me will be seeing Mr Weller.
You might think from my excitement that I'm a huge fan, but I'm not really.
However I do think that his latest album is the dogs bollocks and it's rare for me to get a freebie like this. So bring it on.
Then this morning we were offered a place to crash if we wanted to head down to Newcastle next May for the Evolution festival headlined by The Stooges.
Oh yes please.
That will do nicely kind sir.
Lets just say I could get used to this sort of thing.


  1. I've never had any time at all for any of Mr Weller's post-Jam efforts, but his latest absolutely knocked me for six and continues to be spun [do mp3's actually spin?] regularly. As for The Stooges -- having seen them a few weeks back at ATPNY, sorry to say, but they were disappointing in the extreme, and did nothing but serve to make me even more saddened by the passing of Ron Asheton. Not a word of warning, though, just my own humble and worthless take on the present Stooges state.

  2. Shame to hear that about the Stooges. I'll cross my fingers and hope it was an off night as the Raw Power gig that I seen earlier this year was outstanding.
    Mates who went the following night said that they struggled to maintain the energy over the two nights, but were still great.

  3. They had absolutely no problem maintaining energy in New York... too much energy was their problem, really. Everything was too loud and way too fast... all testosterone and none of the grinding sex groove that they had in abundance when Ron was still alive and involved. As a result, songs like 'Gimme Danger,' which is all about dynamics, had none. Also, the thing that always made Iggy a better performer than most -- spontaneity -- seems gone forever, replaced by an almost cabaret-like well-rehearsed on-stage schtick. As I say, though, that's just my own personal take on what I saw, stacked up against what I'd seen at previous Stooges gigs.