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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Gig going

I will have attended over 52 gigs as the year closes, more than I have ever attended in any previous year, and a few times people have asked me how I can afford it.
I get the impression that what they are really saying is "How the fuck can you have that sort of social life when I can't?"
Well here's how I do it.
1) I don't smoke and never have. So when someone is paying virtually £5 for a packet of twenty that will last them a day or two they should maybe consider that this is how much I pay to see say four bands on a bill in a club.
2) I barely drink now. I don't buy a box of twelve cans of lager as part of the weekly shopping and have a couple every night like so many other people do.
Now I'm not judging. If that's what floats your boat then fine. Fire into it.
Sometimes I will buy a bottle of wine to knock back on the way to a gig and only buy a pint or two when I'm at it. I'm doing everything on the cheap.
The thing is I just drink socially now, and even then it is rare for me to get pissed. I've got a tight lid on it, except for the times I don't :)
I'm prioritizing what I do and then budgeting accordingly.
A couple of boxes of cans/bottles is the cost of a ticket to a well known band in a major venue. Think about it.
3) Never pay a booking fee when you don't have to. That's another tip
Why anyone wants to add another fiver, or more, for a ticket when they don't have to is beyond me.
Also see if the supports are offering tickets. The forthcoming Glen Matlock gig is a tenner, maybe more on the door on the night, but Gerry of Fire Exit has some at six or seven quid if you are fast.
4) Just generally think about what you are spending. Are you paying a tenner for a book you could get from the library? Are you buying a jacket at £50 that you want, but don't need?
Now once again I'm not judging. If that's what you want to do then I do not have one single problem with it.......except when you piss and moan about not being able to afford to go out.
5) Another thing is that I am very lucky that due to writing some bits and bobs for people I can occassionally be put on a guest list. Personally I never ask and wait until I'm offered, but others I know simply will not go to anything unless they aren't paying.
So there you go. If you want it you have to make it happen. Cut the cloth accordingly and do what makes you happy.


  1. Totally agreed El ! I'll be at the Matlock/Fire Exit Gig might see you there bud ! Joe Bone

  2. You may well do Joe. Still waiting to see what the score is with that night as just today a guy has said he is going to see if I can be put on the guest list for Ginger Wildhearts show.
    Regardless of that we should see if we can meet for a pint if we are both going to roughly be in the same area.

  3. Two more points. 1) Car sharing. If four people can get together and share the costs then it is cheaper and more convenient than using public transport.
    2) Networking. Now most people will tell you I'm an easy going sort, but I actually enjoy meeting people and blathering on and on and on.
    The result of this is that I have friends and acquaintances all over the place who are involved in music in one way or another.
    It's a mutually beneficial club that is open to all. No cliques, no ego trips. Just music lovers.
    Between us we swap music, pass on demos of bands, play in bands, promote shows, write the reviews, do interviews and just about anything you care to think of.
    It's pretty relaxed and allows us to keep involved and hear of who is playing and why we should go and see them, and even on occasions we can pull in favours and get put on guest lists.
    Only today someone I didn't know last week is looking to sort out a guest pass to the Ginger Wildheart show in exchange for a review.
    None of this is a secret. So get to it and support live music.

  4. Good on you Mainy, glad you're having a good time, cause like 52 times a year seems like a weekly outing to me, and from what i read you really enjoy it. I'm sure you're not rich so you play it clever and get what you need. Cheers, Roger.

  5. Good to hear from you Roger.
    Yep. I cut my cloth accordingly and try not to make unnecessary purchases so that I can do what I want.
    We make so many compromises in life that we should all try and pursue something we love just to keep us sane. That's the way i look at it.

  6. Quite right Mainy. There's always a way if you want something badly enough. I fall way short of you at thirty gigs or thereabouts but it's not bad considering my geography and like you, it's more than ever.

    Love Kelly's new "do" BTW.

    Hoping to cross paths with you guys again real soon.

  7. She seems to be getting punkier by the day. Maybe I'm rubbing off on her. Did I just say that?
    You know you are welcome to crash here if you are ever down in this neck of the woods.
    You fancy The Stooges in Newcastle next year. Kel and me are going.
    Well we are planning on going anyway.

  8. By the time the year closes I'll have attended 150 gigs for the year and paid for none. My tip - learn how to use a camera! LOL!

  9. Yeah, it's more like hard going! Each one of the 151 gigs (got an extra one sqeezed in before year end) were working gigs with my camera rather than enjoying as a punter unfortunately! Still, we've all gotta do something eh? Fish <*))))><