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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Mike Peters (The Alarm) Direct Acoustic Tour

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have managed to book Mike Peters to play a gig in my home town (Kilmarnock).
It's going to be the smallest venue on the tour. 100 people maximum.
So if by any chance there is anyone reading this from the west coast of Scotland and think they could manage it then contact me, but do it fast as even on the basis of presales it looks like it is going to sell out.
Tickets are £12.50. No booking fee or shit like that. Just direct from me.

By Christ tickets are going super fast. I'm not saying this in an effort to shift them though.
Only confirmed this morning and half of them are gone presale.


  1. That's gonna be a top one mate. Mike is great live loads of passion, hope everything goes well for you cheers.

  2. Everything has fallen into place very easily so far. Just waiting for some hassle to raise its head as things never run this smoothly.
    If promoting was this easy everyone would do it.
    I've dabbled for years and always done it as a non profit venture. Never maide a penny and lost loads, but I don't really mind as when it comes right down to it I'm just a fan.

  3. Being a fan is a great motivator - hopefully you'll help keep the man in business too - he deserves it.

    Feel free to tell him one of your fellow bloggers is a huge fan and did some posts on him!

  4. I'll hopefully be sorting out an interview.

  5. Should I consider this strange?
    Guy sends me a message on behalf of a third party saying I should contact this third party as they want 6 tickets for the gig.
    Wouldn't it just be easier if this third party guy just contacted me and asked for 6?
    Isn't that what people do? It's what everyone else has done so far.
    Seems arse from elbow to me.