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Monday, 14 June 2010

Fire in the hole

Betty Blowtorch quite literally crashed and burned when they lost key member Bianca in a car crash, and in the vacuum she left it's easy to say that they could have been the next big all girl rock band.
The truth is that we will never know though.
Did they have the attitude, songs and ability to carry it off? The answer is hell yeah, but unfortunately success isn't rooted in any of these things.
As most people who have ever had a stab at being famous can attest to it has more to do with luck than anything else.
Being in the right place at the right time seems to be more important than having the talent and ability to write and play good music. It's always been this way.
So the reality is that we will never know if Betty Blowtorch would have stepped up to bigger stages and all we can do is look back and play should-a, would-a, could-a if things had been different.
Maybe someone reading this will have seen them play and can attest to whether they were really as good live as their legend claims.
I'm hoping that this is the case as I've got a soft spot for them.
Like the Ramones they had a cartoonish aspect to their take on rock and roll. They embraced the inner spinal tap that's in all rockers, turned up the amps to 11 and kicked out the jams with their tongues firmly in their cheeks.
I mean you gotta love that sort of attitude. The 24 hour party people who aint going to stop until they're puking blood sort of thing.
Quite simply put Betty Blowtorch are a prime example of undiluted cool as fuck rock and roll.


  1. Last Call

  2. hey bro, nice post dig it, but only Bianca died in the crash. a friend was driving the car. I actually and honestly have some pics of me and Bianca from 1994 when we were on tour with butt trumpet, she stole my heart then and always will have it.

  3. You're right Nekro. My mistake was in reading a piece that said that the singer and bassist died in the crash. It was of course Bianca who was the singer and bassist. My bad. Thanks for pointing it out and I'll change it just now.
    Regardless of that how was it touring with Butt Trumpet.

  4. It was great my friend, Thom was great and Bianca was a doll. I remember waking up in the closet with her in the morning after a show in vegas. Bro, it was out of control and fucking great. The Living End(usa) was also on the tour so that was good. My manager had a hell of a time keeping me under control, I remember she said no beer or drugs before a show. And Thom and Bianca were like here drink amigo. lol. I will be seeing my old manager this afternoon, im hoping she has some pics of the tour still. then I can post my brush with greatness.