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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Back to basics

Okay folks. With the last couple of posts I wandered away from the raw, but still glittery rock'n'punk that I love. So to get back on track here's something that everyone should have.
Although unfortunately for you I'm going to waffle on a bit first. If you can't be arsed with that though just look at the big picture and jump to the comments for a nice little link.

The honour of being lauded as legendary appears to have been devalued over the last couple of decades.
It's a term that seems to be bestowed left, right and centre on any band who has sold a couple of million records regardless of whether they can actually keep a beat, or carry a tune.
At one time it had to be justified beyond a doubt before it would be uttered.
Take James Brown. he played legendary live shows, No argument about that at all. Frank Sinatra was a larger than life legend. Once again who could disagree? Elvis Presley is the King of rock and roll. Now that's legendary.
Johnny Cash? Cut him in half and it says legend through him like a stick of Blackpool rock. MC5, The Stooges, NY Dolls, Ramones, Pistols and Clash are all legends as they served as catalysts and lit a rocking flame in the hearts of the dispossessed wherever they played.
Now everyone from the Pussycat Dolls to the latest Disney corp wet dream inducing teens are classed as legends.
It's bollocks isn't it?
However Hanoi Rocks who barely got a mention in the mainstream press, and who you rarely seen on the television were without a shadow of a doubt legendary in every aspect of their existence.
From the moment they got together in 1979 they had the attitude in place and then throughout their career walked the walk and talked the talk of debauched rock and roll destruction.
Their steadfast refusal to be forced into a firm pigeon-hole and be categorized probably didn't do them any favours, but it adds to their bitter-sweet legendary tale.
Too rock and roll for the punks, too punk rock for the hair metal crews, just too much junkie business for the world to handle if truth be told, they managed to forge ahead doing just what they fuck they wanted.
To this day they are mentioned as being iconic trailblazers who influenced just about any rocker who is worth commenting on, and to me this is why they are deserving of the legendary tag.
I could have put up something from Hanoi Rocks Mark 1, but instead I thought that it would probably be a bit different to highlight the band that bowed out under the name.
Hope you enjoy.



  2. Nice write up there. I will be honest here,I too never really gave this band the time they probably deserved (Too rock and roll for the punks for me when I did listen occasionally)but I was young and naive then. Now I'm just old and naive but I'll give this one a go.


  3. I'll put up something older for you as well then. So that you have a comparison.
    There is some footage of Mike Monroe up on youtube just now singing with Charlie Harper.

    The first time I heard them was when I picked up an album because I read that they sounded like the NY Dolls. When I got home and slipped it on and I was really underwhelmed. Sounded nothing like the NY Dolls to me to.
    In fact I hated it.
    Then about a month later I noticed that I'd been playing the damn thing all the time.
    The bastards snuck up on me.
    With that realization I was hooked.
    Loads of people disagree with me about their merits, but I've often found that their arguments against Hanoi Rocks have been rooted in a dogmatic refusal to reassess them.
    The main comment usually seems to be "What? Them poofs. Nah, they were shite" before they admit that they heard one song on a compilation once when they were drunk and wrote them off based on how they were dressed.

  4. You are right in what you say about people not giving them a chance. I remember years ago trying to get my mates to give them a listen and I got the "What, them poofs" thrown back at me too. I can't say I listen to their stuff everyday but I still love giving it a whirl once in while. I think I may have to visit my loft and dig out my Hanoi vinyl. Oh and cheers for the post. I will be giving it a listen tonight.

  5. No problem nwt679.
    Did you know Mike Monroes band have just been confirmed as Motorheads UK support.
    Current line up is.
    Sami Yaffa
    Steve Conte
    and some guy on drums that used to be in Demolition

  6. Motorhead have always been one of those bands I was going to get round to seeing but never did. Maybe now is a good reason to get of my arse and go. Saw Yaffa and Conte with the New York Dolls and they were great and Ginger always kicks up a storm solo and with the Wildhearts. I bought a copy of Steve Conte's new album earlier this year and I think it is fantastic.

  7. I've seen Motorhead a few times. Bit of a mixed bag in my opinion. Sometimes great, sometimes not.
    I doubt that many of the Motorhead fans will intitially get Mike, but give it a couple fo songs and it will click in that they rock big time.