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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Well hung

I had a big screed written about my love for The Men You Couldn't Hang, but I wasn't happy with it. So I reworked it, edited it, cut bits out, swapped things around and you know what? It was still crap.
It's a bit like writers block. I just couldn't get what was in my head onto the page.
The crux of it was that I would pick them over the Pogues any day of the week. While few would disagree that McGowan is a great songwriter, his slurred deliverance of a line makes listening to the band a chore compared to the equally eloquent and superiorly understandable MYCH who shine whether they are in the studio or live.
They also have a nice rockabilly twist to their folk music that I'm a sucker for.
So anyway. Forgive the rambling bollocks and instead enjoy this little gem.
According to my memory this is from a tape of Night of a thousand candles pre official release that a member of the band gave to someone, and it was only years later that they realized it differs slightly in the sound than what eventually hit the streets.
Apologies for the quality of sound in bits, but it is from the original tape.
I hope you enjoy, and remember to go out and support the band
Oh, and leaving a comment would be appreciated.



  2. Really looking forward to downloading this but once you click on the download button in Mediafire it comes up "The Webpage cannot be found" Any Ideas?

  3. 16 people have downloaded it already and when I cut and pasted it into my browser it worked fine.
    So I'm not sure what the problem is.
    If you try again and it still doesn't work then I'll see what I can do for another link.

  4. The Pogues are still great to me (though Shane's slurring is something I had to work a bit to get over) but TMTCH deserved a lot better then they got.

  5. Like Dylan I think Shane is a great songwriter, but others do his stuff better.
    I had a boot of Strummer playing with The Pogues and that was good.
    Something else to dig for.

  6. Link working fine now. Thanks for this.

  7. can not wait to hear this .do you know who if anyone produced this? Phillip Chevron did a lot of TMTCH early stuff


  8. just gave this a good few listens ,well worth .great to hear the raw versions of thses great tracks .Sadly I think the last track Hush Little Baby is cut short . may be a bad download or rip . Will try again .
    Big big thank you and thimds up on this

  9. I'm sorry. All I know is a member of the band gave someone it.

  10. Yep. Last track is cut short, but that's as it is.
    If anyone has the complete song then an upload would be appreciated.


    some good TMTCH demos here

  12. RoddyRuddy wrote:
    Just listening to a copy of a Night Of A Thousand Candles pre official release demo casstte tape. C 1984 Aurora Music.The 8 tracks all sound alittle different from the lp versions.[The tracks are 1 Walkin Talkin 2Ironmasters 3 Scarlett Ribbons 4 A Night To Remember 5 The Day After 6 Whiskey with Me Giro 7 TMTCH 8 Hush Little Baby]
    Does anyone know anything more about this tape .Would these tracks have been produced by Phillip Chevron or just unproduced demos.

    Hmm. I wasn't aware of this item. It sounds to me like they may possibly be rough mixes or unfinished mixes. Of the tracks you name, I think I produced only Ironmasters and Scarlet Ribbons...""Yes, it's certainly possible that it's a demo of some kind. Somewhere in one of the more distant filing cabinets of my mind, the name Aurora Music links with that of Tony Poole, who was TMTCH's manager and produced some of the tracks on the first album - basically, the ones I didn't....."
    wrote philipchevron

  13. The tape gets a mention on Pogues .com ,see above comment for some quotes.

  14. TMTCH still a great live act & lastest lp Devil On The Wind is a real return to form .