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Monday, 12 July 2010

Links in the chain

Here's the story. I was shooting the breeze about the dearth of bands playing locally and what it came down to was a case of people doing little more than talking. I was guilty enough of it myself.
Like DOA say though talk - action = 0
So I had a look about and seen that Mike Peters was playing in Glasgow and I contacted the people at and punted the idea of him playing in my hometown the night before the Glasgow date.
Within a few hours the green light was given and it was all systems go.
The word went out and prior to one advert going up three quarters of the tickets were gone on presales. A few days later and it was sold out and I still had to actually contact anyone about printing the tickets off.
Off the back of that I am pleased to say that Dave Sharp's manager then contacted me and asked if I was in a position to promote an acoustic gig for him.
Why not I thought. A couple of phone calls and emails later and it was just a case of a waiting game to see if the venue was available.
It was.


  1. Very cool!

    If you need a support act....

  2. Just wish I lived close enough (i.e. less than an ocean away) so I could go and support everyone involved in these great gigs.

  3. Looks like another cool show on it's way...good luck mate!

  4. Good on ya! I hope Dave is rockin'.

  5. well done & good luck
    trad arr