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Friday, 8 February 2013

There should be no second class citizens.

The recent successful House of Commons vote on supporting gay marriage was for me less to do with same sex relationships and more to do with equality.
That's really at the root of the issue.
The question should have simply been do we feel comfortable in excluding a percentage of the population from enjoying and participating in a life that is freely available to heterosexuals?
And of course the logical, and correct, answer would be no.
How could we feel comfortable with that?
It's divisive, and if we swapped gay for black, Polish, disabled, or any religious group who make up a portion of our population, then everyone would be up in arms about it, and quite rightly so.

So why are some people still hung up on two adults expressing their love for each other?
Because that's really the problem isn't it?
Lets not be coy about it and call a spade a spade.
Strip away all the religious arguments, and the woolly stuff about the sanctity of marriage, because to be honest not much of it holds any water, and what we are left with is that those who oppose equality for the gay community simply have an issue with homosexuality.

I don't know why though.
I really don't have an answer as it makes no sense to me at all why anyone would care.
When I see a couple holding hands, leaning in to whisper something that makes the other smile, or just very obviously in love with each other then alarms bells don't ring in my head if they are of the same sex.
I personally don't care if it is a woman with another woman, or a man with a man because what they are displaying to the world is a positive thing.
That's not some politically correct BS on my part, or even a staunch liberal view.
I just think that it is nice to see people sharing happy moments.
The genders of the couple are irrelevant and I have yet to hear a cohesive argument to dissuade me from this opinion.

From reading some of the hyperbole coming from the opposition camps you would think that the end of civilization as we know it is just around the corner if we allow homosexual couples to marry.

Really. I mean really.

If there's any evidence to support that then please enlighten me.

If we accept that the day after the homosexual community are given the same rights as everyone else that not much would change then why would anyone wish to opposes it.
Seriously, what is the problem?
We have had Conservative ministers who have been divorced (in some cases multiple times) commenting on the sanctity of marriage, while others who are on record for having affairs claiming the same reason for their opposition.
It's a joke that no one is laughing at.
When they talk about it they are obviously referring to other peoples marriages as they have shown scant regard to their own relationships.
So it sounds a bit hollow coming from them doesn't it?

Then we have the religious groups falling over themselves to point to texts from their holy books to support their abhorrence for homosexuality.
It doesn't matter that pretty much every religion has dropped aspects of their teachings, and even added a few on over the centuries to suit.
They choose to cling to an outdated view because deep down they don't like it.
Well that's what I think.
Homosexuality just makes them feel uncomfortable.
They have no reason to feel this way, but as they can't just say they are against it because they don't like it they have to look for something to hang their argument on, and a religious view will do.
The very people who probably haven't darkened the doorway of their respective church, or whatever, in an age, are now hell bent on expressing their right to adhere to one tenet of their religion.

It's rather pathetic really.

Maybe they should all grow up a bit.
The whole opposition argument just sounds like a child saying I don't like vegetables so no one else is allowed to have them.

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