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Friday, 15 February 2013

Tenement Trail - Sat 9th March - Glasgow

When the loose term 'music fan' is bandied about I'd collectively describe them as people who still buy vinyl releases, attend gigs by unsigned bands, look for artists to listen to rather than wait for an outdated chart to tell them what is cool or not, and of course they would watch Tenement tv.

Now if that last bit threw you then shame on you.
For a while now Tenement tv have been doing some excellent sessions with a range of artists and the quality bar has been set very high.

As expected they haven't just been basking the high praise that they have been continually gathering, but instead stepped out onto the streets to deliver a one day festival in Glasgow.
It's the type of thing that pops up now and again with varying degrees of success, with that success usually based on how good the line up is.
Not how hip they are, but how good, and with this being the case it's doubtful that those behind Tenement tv will have much to worry about as the talent on display already has sure fire winner written all over it.

Have a perusal of the poster here. Just click on it.
Now there you go.
Pick a band at random from it and check them out.
Pick another, and then another.
After a while you will realize that there no filler.

Well worth a tenner of your money.

If you need anymore proof of how on the ball these guys are them jump over to and enjoy whats on offer.

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