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Wednesday, 27 February 2013


When I said that I was going to try and post daily I was obviously lying.
Well I wasn't actually lying, but the best of intentions didn't translate over to me maintaining the momentum.
Not through any sort of laziness on my part though.
Instead my energies have been expended elsewhere.
I've written some bios and press releases for some people.
Had some artwork used as Steve Conte's new tour t-shirt
Mainly I've been dabbling in promoting though.
There's been some gigs that I have worked alongside the bands to do their album/ep launches, and right at this moment I am creeping up on ten shows just about sorted that I'm promoting myself.
Plenty have already been confirmed.
Pretty much on a daily basis I've been run ragged doing one thing or another, but today I'm going to jump back in the saddle and more content to the blog will be added.
There's a run of gigs starting from tomorrow night that I will be attending, a pile of music that needs reviewed and some films to.
There will also be interviews appearing with Stonehouse Violets and Billy Liar.
So here we go.
Once more into the breach say I, but only after a cup of tea and a biscuit.

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