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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Roughneck Riot - This is our day

Remember when Strummer joined the Pogues?
It should have been a match made in heaven, but while it sounded good on paper the reality fell short of expectations.
The mash up of the Clash and Pogues failed to make any sort of headway, and the torch for drunken folk songs sung by punks was to be carried forth by the likes of The Levellers as the eighties died.
Now here we are in 2012 and that sort of anarchist folk will be but a distant memory for many, but it needn't be as The Roughneck Riot are here to inject some youthful vigour into the traditional mix.
There's a frenetic pace to their album that doesn't let up for a second, and while some would try and balance out the speed with some shading the band are apparently happy to keep the needle in the red and push the album forward as hard as they can.
As an introduction goes it does the business. and I suspect that live they will live up to the riot part of their name.
The music has that vibe to it.
It's evocative of a drunken wake that is impishly thumbing its nose at the death of a nation while hanging onto the promise of another day.
I suspect this is an album that will precede many a hangover, and when I look about me at the youth of our green and pleasant land I can't help thinking that maybe the Roughneck Riot are just the pill that the doctor has ordered for them.
'This is our day' is certainly a wake up call.

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