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Sunday, 3 June 2012

The answer is blowing in the wind.

Once again those who allegedly represent us showed how fantastically out of touch they are with the wishes of the people. 
The super talented Anna Sweeney was of course a well deserving addition to the Burns an a that festival, but one singular artist chosen from a large pool isn't representative of all the talent that there is in Ayrshire. 
Instead it smacks of tokenism. 
Shame on those who outsourced the event to parties who could do little more than show their ignorance of how brimming Ayrshire is with exceptionally talented individuals . 
The opportunity was there for them to engage with us all and provide a well balanced and inclusive event, one that could have featured a plentiful supply of both local and non local artists, but instead they have spectacularly failed to do this.
Thank you to Jamie McGeechan for asking me to participate in the Third Degree Burns Festival. 
It was an honour and a privilege. 
The event itself was a very fine, and successful, example of the talent we have. 
Similarly so is the Dirty Weekender festival that is also running this weekend. 
A festival that had a broad range of Ayrshire and non Ayrshire artists on its bill. 
My fervent wish is that they listen to the voices of the people and reply with a 'so you think you can do better?' 
The answer is of course yes. The proof of this was shown in The Burns Heritage Museum, Bakers Niteclub and Dirty Martini's over this weekend. In fact the proof can be found in venues all over Ayrshire on a weekly basis. From Su Casa to McCabes, From the Courtyard to The Firehouse. The evidence is plentiful. 
Whatever the local authorities want in the way of the provision of entertainment is right there on their doorstep. 
Maybe 2013 will see them wake up to that. 
EAC is also included in this.


  1. With that goes your chance of you doing anything with them Mainy. LOL
    Needed said though.

  2. Ach you know I'm up for helping people Rab, but the future is in the hands of the many and not one.
    If it blows any chances of me being involved in anything then fair enough.
    As long as it gives a moments thought to people, and ultimately encourages the councils to think about how the spend our money then I am more than happy.