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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Strike! While the iron is hot.

Yesterday was the day of a national strike as public sector workers walked out in protest at the governments plans to cut their pensions.
2 million people failed to turn up at their workplace and 18,342 schools, which is 67.5% of them, were closed while others ran with the help of community volunteers, hospital procedures were impacted upon and our border controls were weakened (although the government said they weren't) and more.
Yet David Cameron called the protest a damp squib.
I'm struggling with his definition.
Consider the 2 million on strike and then add on all those workers who support the strike, but felt unable to join their colleagues due to personal issues of poor finances, job security and such, then on top of that add on all the people who supported the strike but who are not public sector workers.
Depending on sources public support ranges from 35% to 65%.
That sounds quite a sizeable amount to me.
The arrogance of Cameron is nothing new, but c'mon when are people going to wake up.
There's little that he says that is rooted in fact.
Week after week he, and his coalition government – the one no one voted in – are shown up to be bare faced liars, supporters of the powerful, and master manipulators of the media.
Forget all the divisive spin and just for a second ask yourself why we allegedly can't afford to honour the pension agreements that were made.
Is it because the system in place has for many years been watching Rome burn as the ones at the top fiddled their taxes? Is it because the financial institutes of the world decided that trading on things we might have in the future rather than what we have in the present was a good idea? Is it maybe because the mortgage lenders in collusion with governments sold mortgages to those who were least able to afford them? Is it because multinational corporations pay less tax per annum than you or I?
Regardless of the multitude of reasons, and there is a multitude, it has nothing to do with the public sector workers who are expected to carry the financial can.
So why are people falling for the government line.
Two weeks ago nurses were self sacrificing angels who toil for the greater good and now they are enemies of the state.
How did that happen?
Fuck that bollocks.
In fact when Cameron and his parcel of rouges say we are all in this together what they mean is that it's you and me, the public and private sector workers, the unemployed and the disabled that are in this together, and not necessarily them.
Yet on social networking sites I keep seeing people pointing the fingers at the employed, the public sector workers, immigrants and if truth be told simply anyone who pisses them off rather than them having to sit and think about who the real enemy of the people are.
Inside my head I'm screaming for fucks sake wake up.
All the crap that is being pumped out is just a distraction.
The bigger picture is that they are wanting to create a system that a minority can benefit from.
They want a smaller workforce to work harder for less, and they want to create a ready pool of the hungry and desperate to pick from. If you're employed and grumble aloud then you know where the door will be. By kick starting this desperate cycle they will maximize their profits.
Take one of the things they keep saying.
There's no money.
It's a mantra.
There's no money, there no money, there's no money.
Say it often enough and people believe it, but George Osborne is on an eleven grand holiday just now. How did he manage that as there's no money?
Anyway there is money.
I didn't see any reports of mass shredding campaigns or bankers running into fields and burning pallets of cash.
Did you?
So the money must be somewhere and that somewhere is in the hands of that 1% and they aren't for letting any dribble back into our pockets.
That's where the money really is.
It really is a case of them and us.
So why do ordinary people continue to defend the status quo and decry their brothers and sisters who rail against those in power who are frankly ass raping us all?
Well it's ignorance isn't it.
Real ignorance.
The head in the sand sort.
Ignorance is a word that when used is considered to be an offensive slur on another persons intelligence.
It's not though.
I'm ignorant as to how to perform brain surgery.
I'm equally ignorant about how to fix the motherboard of my computer.
Being ignorant doesn't mean I'm stupid though, just that in certain areas I have no knowledge of the subject at hand.
Similarly people are ignorant of what is going on in the world. Not stupid, just ignorants as they either have nothing to base their opinions on, or they base them on media reports that are geared towards offering one side of a story.
So instead of continuing down that path that's leading us to fuck knows where can you do me a favour and make yourself a cup of tea and have a google and research the subject, or open a book and read about it.
Then after that maybe you could reconsider the comments that you may have made and with your new found knowledge consider that you might have been acting like a dickish tool of the state.
I'll not do the 'told you so dance'. Instead I'll welcome your awakening and hope that in some way you will spread a clearer word to others and in this way maybe we really can all be in this together and salvage something for future generations.
Meanwhile listen to this. Don't just tap your feet to it, but listen to the words.


  1. Thanks Johnny. It's a rambling rant, but I'm still pissed off at peoples lack of understanding.
    I'm not even looking for people to agree with me, but instead just to think for themselves instead of regurgitating Daily Mail headlines as facts.
    We are the majority and we should be roaring our dissaproval rather than having digs at each other.

  2. The pastors words are brilliant, not sure if you've seen this derivative:

    When they came for Torrentspy,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a movie guy.

    When they came for,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a music guy.

    When they locked up Textbooktorrents,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a reading guy.

    Now they come for the Piratebay…

    When they will come to shutdown the internets,
    Pray, that there will still be someone left to speak out.