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Tuesday, 27 December 2011


The period between Christmas day and new years day appears to neatly take on the mantle of the watershed.
An elongated stretch of time where one year, while not having literally ended, has done in the minds of most of us.
It's a time for reflection, and an opportunity for the twelve months that have virtually past to be considered in hindsight.
For some they will wave goodbye to 2011 with a smile and tuck it away into the nostalgia bank for future reference as one of the good years.
For others 2012 will shine like the light at the end of the tunnel and they will leave 2011 in the rear view mirror with nary a backward glance.
For myself 2011 feels like it has had more than its twelve months squeezed into it.
Every single week seems to have been packed to bursting with one thing or another.
Most of my gadding about has provided me with many undoubtedly positive experiences that have enriched my life.
I have met so many people who previously didn't exist in my little world that it sort of boggles my mind to an extent.
Now each of them are firmly ensconced in my monkey sphere, and all are welcome.
Friendship enriches our lives far more than monetary gain ever could, and you can take that to the bank.
Well you can't actually take it to the bank, but you know what I mean, and even if you could I suspect that you wouldn't get as much back from them as your initial investment was worth.
That's also something that sort of sums up 2011, but I digress and therefore let's back to the point at hand, which is my year.
I couldn't close it without me saying thank you to my kids, my partner Kelly and her daughter Sophie for the love and support they give me.
There is a unique warmth to being cared for, and in caring for others.
I am a lucky man in this respect.
Unfortunately the flip side of the many positives is that when I consider how busy I have been I also have to accept that much of what I have done has been to little, or no, benefit to anyone.
Wasted moments are something that we can see very clearly in hindsight, but with a little more contemplation I could have avoided most of them by simply saying no more often than I have previously been apt to.
So in the forthcoming year I am going to do something about that, and hopefully in doing so become more constructive with my time.
That's a vague resolution there I suppose.
What I really would hope for is that in 2012 the things that I do that bring me most pleasure will also open some doors to a change in my life.
Maybe provide me with a different path to walk down.
Fingers crossed, but if nothing much transpires then I'll live with it and keep plodding along doing what I do.
Lastly I suppose I should add that I am well aware that over the course of the year I have ruffled a few feathers.
I'd like to take this opportunity not to apologize and to advise those with the ruffled feathers not to hold their breath while waiting on a sorry.
For me to extend an apology would really be saying that I am sorry for exercising my right to have an opinion and that's not going to happen.
Here's to 2012.
I hope that it provides everyone with what they deserve.


  1. Is that last bit an eloquent fuck you to the haters mate?

  2. Just a clarification Rab.
    If some people want sycophantic praise leveled at them then they will be shit out of luck if they hang about here.
    You would think that people would start to sus that out by now.
    Opinions are just a personal view and if they can't handle an opinion being expressed then why they would want to get up on a stage to entertain people is beyond my understanding.
    I often comment that those who are quick in their attempts to silence others are often the ones boorishly shouting crap louder than anyone else to.
    That's something that others have noticed to.

  3. "Friendship enriches our lives far more than monetary gain ever could"

    Happy NY mate and keep up the good work.

  4. What happened over the last few weeks.
    The music content dropped and I see that your list of gigs hasn't been completed.

  5. You're right.
    It was a combination of working, daily life and just things piling up, but in the main I was feeling less enthused as I normally am due to some external factors.
    This can often be a bit of a thankless task, but by mixing it up a bit and including my small short story and writing some social commentary pieces I've managed to break the back of the malaise......I think.
    Over January and February I'll be thinking about how I should progress.
    There's a lot of self serving parasitic types out there and they're wearing me down tbh, as is the lack of opposition to them.

  6. I like it Mr Mainy! Happiness is not rooted in a bank account. have a great new year and do what the fook makes you and yours happy! Callum