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Thursday, 14 July 2011

They Might Be Giants - Join Us

I looked up 'quirky' in my pictorial dictionary once and next to the description there was a photograph of a couple of guys who I later found out to be the members of 'They Might Be Giants'.
Since then I have had no reason to ever doubt my well thumbed pictorial dictionary.
They Might be Giants are the kings of quirky.
Lyrically they can jump from singing about dinosaurs to racist friends - aren't they both the same? - in the blink of an eye, and do so while being both erudite and humorous.
I sometimes think that with each album that they release a day will come when they have dragged the last bucketful of ideas out of the well and sell us short, but so far that's not been the case and with 'Join Us' they are back with yet another bucketful of fantastic songs dredged from what may be a magical and ever plentiful well of talent.
With a firm fan base some may think that they are preaching to the already converted, but as long as they continue churning out albums of this quality then I reckon that they will never be short of new fans flocking to the fold all bright eyed and in awe of their newly found favourite band.
The summer of 2011 has just found its soundtrack.
Well my summer of 2011 has.

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