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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tesla - Into the Now

Unfairly lumped in with the the hair metal wave Tesla reaped some initial rewards, but blighted their long term copy book.
Forever more they will be filed away with the sunset strip wannabes of yesteryear.
It's a tragic loss to music fans, because in my humble opinion Tesla are actually one of the best rock bands that are out there.
In fact while people like Jon Bon Jovi still fill stadiums all over the world a band like Tesla could very easily wipe the floor with them night after night.
You name the time and place and the boys will show up and prove me right.
There's something solid about what they do.
The lack of frills allows them to fit nicely under the 'classic rock' banner rather than a sub genre, and while semi acoustic rock in itself is often the unplugged album deal filler for bands of their ilk, Tesla have carved it as their own niche.
So while Into the Now, there most recent release, isn't ever going to be crowned as their must have album it is a fine example of what they do, and do well.
So if you're one of the uninitiated and want to take a little dip in their pool then you wouldn't go far wrong with starting here.


  1. Thank god!! I've been listening to these guys for years (since The Great Radio Controversy) & sick of people saying 'who...?'

  2. It's an unjust world mate. While tastes are subjective I know loads of rock fans who don't give Tesla the time of day and should as they would be right up their street.

  3. Great band live ! much much happiness

  4. I've never seen them Campbell. Maybe I should remedy that if they play Glasgow. You fancy it?

  5. You should definitely see them live - like I said it's nice to know someone else has noticed them. D