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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

It's tragic. That's what it is.

It's come to my attention that some pin headed representative of the general public has - dangerously in their case as they may cause themselves a cerebral strain - decided to bounce one brain cell off of another and in doing so come to the conclusion that his appearance in the background of a guerilla video by Tragic O'Hara is so 'out of order' that legal action is required.
Now first off it would seem a bit strange to get your knickers in a twist about appearing in a 'blink and you would miss it' slot in a video from a guy who - let's be honest - isn't riding high in the charts with a high media profile, but there you go.
Out of all the options available to this clown you would have thought that a short email saying 'hey mate I'm in your video and I'd rather not be. Any chance of it being pixelated out?' would have been the first port of call, but no, instead it would seem that he has jerked his knee so hard that he's clocked his chin and is currently suffering from concussion as he has decided that it is far easier to issue a legal threat while remaining anonymous.
It's either that or sadly he has terminal idiocy.
You choose.
'I don't want to be in your video.'
'Who are you?'
'I'd rather not say.'
'Because then you would know who I am.'
'So how do I remove you from the video if I don't know specifically what member of the public you are?'
'I'll have to get back to you on that one.'
In my minds eye I can just see this Neanderthal face gripped in concentration as he becomes increasingly vexed that Tragic, who doesn't know him from Adam, and isn't likely to, isn't removing him from the video, or retracting it from youtube at his behest.
The main issue for this fool is that there is nothing illegal being done.
So if I was Tragic I would just tell him that while I would have been happy to remove him from the footage if he had asked politely and pointed out who he was, that this will no longer be the case as the threat of legal action from a within a cloak of anonymity has just pissed me off.
Oh wait a minute. That's probably too much to break down into an understandable response.
I suppose I would just have to say 'fuck off you twat' instead.
Then again Tragic has his own way of responding. Here it is.

and like the Where's Wally game you can try and spot him in the video here.


  1. There's more to this than meets the eye. If the guy is one of the hundreds of random generic passing faces in this video, it almost suggests he deliberately sat and scanned it under an electron microscope just so see his face and, in turn, moan and bitch. Luckily he's given us the ammo for that T in the Park Public video, which we should all be eternally grateful for.

  2. Maybe he's one of the ungeneric faces.
    Watch closely for the Merrick look a like shuffling by with a pillowcase on his head, but not the guy with the burning cross. It's the guy with the one eyed pillowcase. Not the two eyed one.
    Someone did say that they thought that they seen Tommy Sheriden popping into a tanning place, but he swore on a stack of NOTW's that it wasn't him and provided a guy that works for Reliance to vouch for his whereabouts while the video was being made.

  3. Please don't get that mixed up with Tommy Sheridan. Sheriden is another orange fella.

  4. Brilliant response & very funny! Can't wait for the dance-off.

  5. FFS some people have too much time on their hands. I do hope the dance off happens though :)

    I'd never heard of tragic before so cheers for the heads up, I really like what I've heard.

  6. His albums are available on Itiunes Neil or direct from the man himself. He's on facebook and very open to folk chatting.
    In fact he's a very nice guy.
    Live is where he excells though.