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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Fixing Mr B

A friend of mine has started a music blog.
His intentions are varied.
Aren't all intentions?
He wants to bring music to the masses, take a trip down memory lane, share his love of bands and artists, but underlying all that usual crap is that he wants to pick up a thread and reel himself back to a position of normality.
Regain some balance in his erratic life.
So it's a personal/music blog.
Not one nor the other, but a random patchwork of musings that will no doubt be brutally honest and may or may not leave his psych healed or lying on the floor capitulating without honour.
He's going to tell an ongoing story and you can be part of that.
If there was a beginning, then this is the middle and the end isn't in sight.
If you want, then jump aboard and have a little perusal of where he's been, where he's at and where he is going at
I guess that his tale will also tell a story of where this blog comes from to, and anything else that comes from our little corner of the world.

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