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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Stuck in a rut



  2. hey bro, how are you? is everything getting better? Im trying to edit the joan jett interview. went well very nice and relaxed.

  3. You'll burn as you work
    You'll burn as you play
    The spark of fear is smouldering,
    with ignorance and hate.


  4. Just taking it one day at a time mate. Keeping myself busy. Going to upload a Les Punks boot later that you might like. It's Dave Vanian, Capt Sensible, Rat Scabies and Lemmy plating together.
    Looking forward to the Joan Jett interview.

  5. awesome, i have the doomed boot, its cool. i think mine is the same show. there were alot of the old l.a. punks out to see joan it was awesome. in one cluster mike ness strolls by, then john doe, then we spot the stitches hanging out in the crowd. and then to the left we look and see the old o.c. punk band the crowd. and what i really dug was it was so much like the early punk shows , everybody fit in everybody laughed, everbody cheered. it was fun for all. we got a pic with tim armstrong back stage.

  6. She's a real survivor and it's cool that at this stage in her career that she gets kudos for what she has done.
    Tim Armstrong should sign her and produce an album alongside Lars.