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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Personally I don't give a shit, but....

some might.

Malcolm McLaren, the former manager of punk group the Sex Pistols, has died in New York, aged 64, his agent has said.
McLaren, the ex-partner of designer Vivienne Westwood, was believed to have been diagnosed with cancer a while ago.
He set up a clothes shop and label with Westwood on London's King's Road in the 1970s and was later a businessman and performer in his own right.
The couple had a son, Joseph Corre, the co-founder of lingerie shop Agent Provocateur.
His agent told the BBC McLaren passed away on Thursday morning.
Spokesman Les Malloy said he expected McLaren's body to be returned to the UK.

McLaren also managed a number of other bands, including the New York Dolls and Bow Wow Wow before producing his own records including the much-sampled track Double Dutch from the 1983 album Duck Rock.
McLaren emerged from art school in the 1960s and with Westwood, set up Let It Rock - a fashion store specialising in rubber and leather fetish gear. It was later, infamously, renamed "Sex".
He went on to manage the Sex Pistols, who spearheaded the British punk rock scene, although there was a falling out and he later lost a court case over royalties.
McLaren dabbled in politics and at one point, toyed with the idea of entering the race for the Mayor of London.


  1. I think if you love him or loathe you just can't deny him. He was there at the time and involved in so many great things He was a lot of different things some some bad but always a character.


    check out that album matey, found it on a blog today, its Buttz from the babysitters post sitters lp. not my upload mate,

    found it here

  3. Thanks Scott.
    Re Malky Marky.
    I was just saying to someone else that the further you are from London the less we seemed to care about him.
    Of course he was there in the beginning, but so was a lot of other people, but Malky had the gift to maximize on his involvement and did very well out of it.
    I just heard a quote from his publicists saying that Malky thought Sid was the ultimate punk.
    What a load of bollocks to go out on.
    If he really thought that a young, easily manipulated man, that could be described as the poster boy for style over substance encapsulated punk as a movement, then it just shows that while he was there his view of punk was a narrow one, and one that best suited himself.
    While it's sad for his family and friends I have to say that he is just someone else I didn't know who has died.
    I don't feel his involvement in punk matches up with the the self created legend.