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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Orphans, Stooges, Batusis. Bring it on.

The anticipation is starting to build up. This morning I got a message from a friend saying that 60’s RnB garage legends The Pretty Things were playing the night before The Stooges in London and did Kel and myself fancy going.
Damn right I thought.
Then he sent me an alternative. A glam club night with The Orphans (Ex These Animal Men) playing at it.
When I say glam I’m talking about the foot stomping seventies style of glam rock. A night of Suzi Quatro, Sweet, Mott the Hoople, NY Dolls, David Bowie, T-Rex and the like.
So I balanced it out.
Thirty odd quid for The Pretty Things or six quid for The Orphans?
My wallet won the argument hands down and now the weekend starts on Saturday at 9pm with us catching The Orphans. We should fall out of the club at 4am and stagger, stumble and crawl to our hotel to recuperate before catching a second wind for the Stooges on the Sunday night.
Finishing off what will no doubt be a fantastic weekend will be a mad cross-country dash to Glasgow just in time (fingers crossed) to see The Batusis.
At my age I reckon that the rock and roll hall of fame should erect a statue in my honour at the extent I will go to procure myself a fix of pure unfiltered rock and roll.
Tonight it's Sorry and the Sinatras though.
I think I'll treat this as a trial run and acclimatise myself to rockin hard with a drink in my hand.

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