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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Mojo Cams - Biscuits in Bermondsey

Sublime is a word that you will find liberally sprinkled throughout reviews.
Everything is now sublime.
From the latest perfume that the current pop chanteuse is selling to the running shoes that empire building rap stars wants you to wear.
Open a music magazine and shake the pages hard enough to loosen the print from the paper and watch it all fall to the floor like confetti and soon enough you will be knee deep in sublimes.
It’s used so often that in many ways it is losing its meaning.
Is everything they claim to be sublime really impressing the mind with a sense of grandeur or power as it is supposed to?
Are we honestly awe inspired by everything that has the term tagged onto it?
Of course we aren't, but thankfully, just in time, The Mojo Cams have come along with their Biscuits in Bermondsey ep and are wresting the word from the lips of the abusers of it and delivering something that really is factually and literally sublime.

With the opening track ‘Whose better than you’ they take the very best of the brit-pop years and use it as a springboard to jump right into the present with a song that could be an advert for summer festivals.
Close your eyes and you can feel the heat of the sun on your face and easily imagine swaying in a very large crowd as the band holds thousands listening in the palm of their hands.
Show footage of any festival and overlay it with this song and no one would bat an eyelid.
This tracks natural habitat is the main stage of the biggest festivals around.

‘When I see you again’ is also rooted in the era when melodic indie rock was king, but similarly while it is wearing its influences on its sleeve it isn’t being defined by them, and as a bonus the guitar work is more reminiscent of the years when punk started to rub up against the joys of the Jamaican upstroke.
If the guys in Hard-Fi and Ordinary Boys heard this they would weep as it probably sounds exactly like what they couldn't master.

Then with ‘no end in store’ the band knocks it out of the park.
Just as some acts would be struggling to keep the quality level up they effortlessly bring it all home.
This is a song that has harmonies to kill for, and some bands probably would actually kill someone just to be able to have this option available to them.
The addition of them is the thing that take an already great song and makes it all the better again.
To be able to craft material like this isn't something that can be just conjured up out of the ether.
It takes time to blend all the notes together and then when the vocals are used so well it just lifts it all to a whole other level.

There’s a word that is on the tip of my tongue that would fit this perfectly.
Oh right. It’s sublime.

The EP can be purchased directly from the band, is available on i-tunes, google play and is also stocked in NHC Music.

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