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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Coming out of the closet.

I am ahead of the curve.
For what feels like the first time ever I am way ahead of the curve.
Everyone else is playing catch up.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about colouring in.

I've always done it. I've always found it relaxing.
And now it is the latest thing.

There has of course been colouring books for adults for quite some time.
I've seen novelty ones featuring rock stars and iconic horror movies, but they have never really interested me.
I am more a pattern girl.
The intrinsically complicated patterns laid out in black and white ready to blossom into colour.
That’s my thing.

While I was shading away over the years the practice was predominately seen as something for kids, but here it is kicking at the door and asking to be let in to the adult party and I think that’s great.

I have always been able to sit for hours looking at the patterns and thinking about what colours are best suited to go where.
I never really thought of it as anything more than that, but it’s really a bit Zen, meditative I suppose.
A down time for the brain to just idle for a while, and who doesn't need that?
It’s something I did in the comfort of my own home, on a night-shift, or as I got more comfortable I did it at my partners.
I wouldn't shout about it publicly and in some ways maybe deep down I thought it was an immature activity as that’s how it has always been portrayed, but no longer is this my little secret as recently there have been a few articles starting to surface in the mainstream media with a push on promoting it as an adult interest.

In fact a quick google highlights that colouring in books are have even appeared in the top ten selling items on Amazon.
I am no longer alone in my love for the colouring in book.

Elsewhere Tracey Emin - she of the unmade bed - has jumped on the bandwagon and you can buy a book and colour in her little drawings.
Most recently is the release of a magazine called ‘Art Therapy’ that is coming at it all from a broader angle.
It’s a sort of cross between a craft magazine and a self help one with it looking to promote, creativity, positivity and relaxation.

At 99p for the first issue it’s cheaper than a massage or a colonic irrigation treatment and probably as beneficial. (It jumps to £2.99 from issue 2 though.)

Obviously this rise in popularity of colouring-in is being embraced by the big businesses as they see some money in it.
The same thing has happened with every underground activity.

This time I'm not that bothered about it.
They can go to town on releasing colouring-in books.
The more who join in on this pastime the better in my opinion.

It’s not necessarily a solo activity either.
Years ago I used to sit with my daughter and we would take a page each and that was nice.
It was a positive bonding experience.
For the life of me I can see no downside to colouring in.

My name is Kelly and I colour in.

I can now say it loud and proud.

You should join me.

Kelly Conway. 


  1. Brilliant. I bought the first Art Therapy pack last week. I find colouring in before I go to bed much more relaxing than checking my phone.

  2. Kelly van spend hours shading away. I'm more a reader.