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Monday, 23 March 2015

Sale of original artwork - The Notorious Gasoline Company.

Some people may know that recently NHC Music has started stocking artwork.
One of the first artists to sign up to us was Marcus aka The Notorious Gasoline Company.
That was an interesting day as one by one members of the team came in and oohed and aahed at the prints and started buying them.
In the first few days we were very pleased that we could shift a few for him.

In fact I was lucky enough to have a girlfriend who gifted me a rather excellent Iggy Pop print that caught my eye.
I have dubbed it St Ignatius of Pop, Patron Saint of Second Chances.
As I sit here and type he is gazing down at me with a steely glare and daring me to fuck up, or at least that's what I'm taking from it.
In return I bought her a rather fetching Alice Cooper one.
Not content with that she has just went and got the original painting that inspired the print.

To get to the point though,

Guess who is having a sale.

Not of prints, but of the original art pieces.
With prices ranging from £70 this is an opportunity to grab some great art.
I think it is what the critics call 'the good shit.'
There's a great deal of pop culture references, but it's not all about the music.
You can check the Notorious Gasoline Company here.

Marcus is also open to doing commissions to.
So please feel free to get in touch on facebook to discuss literally anything you want done.

Apart from the art he has on offer at the moment we have a selection of his prints instore that you can check out by visiting us.
NHC Music.

So if the idea of owning some original art is on your bucket list then here's the opportunity to tick it off.

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