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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Let's start again.

I have friends in England who consider that us Scots who fervently wish for independence from the United Kingdom are rats leaving the sinking ship.

Thanks for acknowledging that the ship is sinking, and this may surprise you when I say this, but you are right.
It’s called the survival instinct.
To take the analogy further if the rUK is the Titanic then the Scots refuse to be the band who continue to play on.

When we signed up to the union it was supposed to be that, a union.
It was never supposed to be master and servant.
Our wishes, our dreams, and what we aspired to were to be equally taken into consideration, and successive governments defaulted on that.
Have we had some good years?
Maybe some people have. Others most certainly haven’t.
The relationship in many ways has not delivered on what was promised.

Now I will admit to feeling slight pangs of guilt when good fellow socialists state that our abandoning them will leave them under the boot heel of the Conservatives.
However how is our standing in solidarity working out for you right now?

What you need to do is seriously consider the future, and if Westminster isn’t going to even acknowledge the changes you would like to see happen then come and join us.

Help us make a country that you want.

We need you.

We need people from all walks of life to bring their skills with them.
We need your intelligence, your work ethic and your dreams.

Can we do it without you?
We probably can, but the door is open anyway.

Many of us have been looking for change for many years.
We have shared the pain of hitting our heads off that brick wall.
Now the offer is there to come with us and help build something new.
To be part of a dream that could become a reality that will fundamentally change your life.

The analogy of it being akin to the end of a marriage has been used often, but while many of us do want a separation it is with the government that has poorly represented us all.
Between us, the people, it is different.

We do want to leave, but you can come with us.

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