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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Five things I have learnt in the lead up to the referendum.

Here are just a few things that I have learnt in the lead up to the referendum vote.

1) We, the people, have taken our eye off the ball for too long.
This alienation, and then disengagement from the political process, has allowed individuals who lack the skills to represent us assume representational roles.
We have people that couldn't spell integrity making decisions on our behalf.
Dishonest rogues, liars and charlatans abound.
Yet whose fault is it that these people proliferate among every political party and hold office in every tier of government?
It’s ours.
The brightest and best were the people who we should have been supporting.
Instead tribal loyalties got in the way, and if we bothered to vote we did so for parties rather than the individual.
It’s been said that pin a certain colour of rosette on a donkey and some will still vote the donkey in, and it’s true.
We should have done better.

2) A wage and an expense account are more important than an ideology.
Every day we see politicians claim to speak on behalf of the people, but strip the hollow words away and what we are left with is protectionist rhetoric.
They want to protect their job, their wealth and their privilege.
They don’t just want to keep their first class ticket for the gravy train, but they want us to pay for it to.

3) A suit and tie and is a serviceable disguise for an idiot to pass himself off as a rational human being.
Consider UKIP.
They should be a fringe party with the amount of nonsensical rubbish they come out with, but put a suit on the village idiot and people listen to him blather on about floods being Gods judgement on homosexuals and respond as if it has some sort of relevance instead of laughing it off as the ravings of a fool.

4) The mainstream media in the UK is beyond being salvaged.
From phone hacking to being the mouthpiece for the political elite they are failing us on every single level imaginable.
Journalists of the present should hold their heads in shame.
Reportage has become infotainment and z-list celebs are as relevant as a child abuse scandal for the red tops.
How did that happen?
They say the people get the press that they deserve.
Is this our fault to? 

5) In the dictionary in Westminster words such as honesty, morals, fairness, compassion, equality and honour have apparently been redacted.

In fact the dictionary must look like a top secret confidential report with virtually every page only having a couple of words on show. 

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