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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

No man is an island, but some are a band - Part Three (Homesick Aldo)

XXXX - So why a one man band? Is it misanthropy, control over the musical vision, necessity, or three interviews in will anyone admit to it being issues with body odour?
Homesick Aldo -  No not body odour, or at least I don’t think so. Being a one man band wasn't even my original intent. I really intended to do stand up poetry and comedy, but I took my harmonica and sang some old blues lyrics at a gig and ended up playing more of that than focussing on the poetry and jokes. Then I seen that drums already set up at another show and I just started playing them too.
So it was kind of unplanned to be a one man band.
But I knew I wanted to be different.
In hindsight that was the catalyst. I really wanted to do something that no oen else was doing and the one man band concept allows that.

How does it feel when you are on stage and trying to push out the sound of a whole band across to an audience?

Depending on the audience and venue it can cause some nervous behaviour, and feelings of fear which is good. You can feed off that.
It makes you feel you have something to prove and then that comes across to and it can then end up a good time.  The nerves add to it rather than take anything away from the performance.

As someone who doesn’t even have the manual dexterity to play an instrument I can’t really grasp how mentally anyone can maintain what you do. Do you consider that it I something that can be learnt, or is it a natural gift, or even a combination of both?

I love playing the harmonica and singing blues songs and that’s the central point to what I do. Everything else is necessity.
Until I heard Sonny Boy Williamson in my late teens I wasn't interested in playing an instrument, but you start on one and move on.
I do think it can be a calling, but equally if you are passionate and willing to learn you can do it if your hearts in it.
So probably a combination of both will get you there.

How is the process of song writing different from working with others and having to take into consideration their opinions and input? Do you feel it is liberating or constricting?

I just let it flow from me when playing live.
It’s all playing out as it is happening as I jump from a Sleepy John Estes lyric to a Leadbelly lyric while exploring little melodies that are popping into my head.
I find improvising works best for me.
I like that.
In the studio it’s the same but recently I have had to consider making it a bit more structured for my last e.p.
I do prefer working alone, but appreciate that that’s not for everyone

If you were to consider one obvious positive to playing alone like this then what would it be, and similarly what the biggest drawback?

Excuse the pun but I like to march to the beat of my own drum haha.
Yes I like being in control of how I present myself and am a bit of a purist with blues and rock n roll and going it alone means I don’t have to water anything down with other peoples opinions..
So the going it alone is a positive in that respect.  
The drawbacks I can think of are that it’s hard promoting myself and managing the act but that’s it really.

Although even that’s not so important anymore as I changed my own angle on what I was doing and now it’s strictly for fun and I don’t do as many gigs as I used to.

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